How to Draw a Camera Easy

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how to draw a camera easy

how to draw a camera

Hello, dear young artists, and welcome to and to the drawing guide about how to draw a camera easy! In this very easy art lesson, I will use the simplest lines and circles to draw a camera. Note that we will draw on the example of a classic camera. So, let’s get started!

Step 1

First of all, draw a rectangle like in my example. This simple rectangle shows the contours of the body of our camera.

how to draw a camera easy

Step 2

Inside the rectangle from the previous step draw a circle as an outline for the lens.

how to draw a camera

Step 3

At the top and bottom of the camera body, draw two horizontal lines.

how to draw a camera for kids

Step 4

At the top of the camera draw the controls.

how to draw a camera for beginners

Step 5

Draw circles inside the lens and a circular window of the viewfinder.

learn how to draw a camera easy

Step 6

It remains only to paint our camera. I painted the camera in brown and gray colors, but you can choose any other color.

how to draw a camera easy

In this lesson, we learned how to draw a camera and I hope that this cute drawing guide was really simple. If so, then do not forget to share this drawing lesson and post other of our tutorials.

I love art, especially the one associated with images. This means that I love not only to draw but also to photograph. And it is especially interesting to be able to draw various objects that are associated with photography.

How to Draw a Camera Easy for kids

Above you can see a picture in which I gathered all the steps from this lesson. This is done to ensure that readers of my site have the opportunity to use this guide at any time.

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