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How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

Previously we drew a dog in a simple manner, in this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon dog I will show you an even simpler way.

In addition, I will show you how to draw a cartoon German Shepherd and a cartoon puppy. So let’s get started with the creative process!

How to draw a Cartoon Dog
How to draw a Cartoon Dog step by step

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Cartoon dog drawing tutorial
  • Additional content
  • Conclusion

Introduction on How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

Let’s continue the theme of cartoon characters. In this tutorial, I suggest you draw a cartoon dog. This is a cute little puppy. It has short legs, large eyes, and drooping ears. The puppy is curious, funny, and loves to play, like all puppies. This is evidenced by his posture. It looks like he’s preparing to jump. Try to draw him in exactly this position.

This cartoon dog drawing lesson will be as simple as all the previous instructions. The basic steps for drawing a cartoon dog will be shown here. Follow all the stages in sequence, and do not be upset if the dog differs from the one in the example.

As you can see from the picture, this little puppy has a thick coat, but it is not necessary to exactly follow the contour of the coat. This lesson allows a slight difference from the example. Therefore, focus on the proportions of the body and the position of the paws, and the drawing of the fur can be arbitrary.

First of all, take a basic lesson on drawing a cartoon dog. Then try two additional lessons. This will greatly help you develop your art skills.

So, prepare all the necessary supplies and start drawing.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

  1. Sketch the head.

    The contour of the head is uneven because the dog is fluffy. By the way, in this step you need to sketch the location of the cartoon dog’s head as correctly as possible.Cartoon Dog drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the torso and ears.

    Add some smooth lines for the ears and make the outline of the torso with jagged outlines. You can repeat the shape of the ears as in the example or replace it with another one.How to draw a funny Cartoon Dog

  3. Draw the legs of the dog.

    The position of the legs should be the same as in the example. This position will give your drawn dog a more dynamic and interesting look.How to draw a Cartoon Dog for kids

  4. Sketch the spot on the chest and add the toes.

    Draw some short lines for the fingers. The limbs should be small and devoid of additional details. It is this shape that allows you to make the legs of your drawn dog more cartoonish.How to draw a simple Cartoon Dog

  5. Draw the tail and face.

    Add the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks, and eyebrows. The tail is fluffy and raised upward. To give your dog’s face a more cartoonish look, depict emotions on it, which is not the case with real dogs.How to draw a Cartoon Dog quickly

  6. Color the dog cartoon drawing.

    You can color the dog as in the example or choose the colors yourself. Softer and pastel colors allow your anime dog drawing to look very cute and cartoonish.How to draw a Cartoon Dog easy

Additional Content

Now the cartoon dog drawing instruction is ready and you can evaluate it. Hope you tried very hard and are now happy with the result. I suggest you come up with an environment for a cartoon dog. For example, you can draw green grass and flowers or objects around the dog. Add some objects and make the drawing very bright and rich.

I have prepared a PDF file of this tutorial especially for you. Download it and you will have access to additional materials for this lesson at any time.

More Techniques on How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

The main lesson of drawing a cartoon dog is over, and it’s time to move on to additional instructions. These simple and interesting art exercises will allow you to greatly improve your skills in drawing animals.

Cartoon Puppy Drawing Tutorial

This dog is still a puppy. This is very noticeable due to the large head and relatively small torso. Moreover, the cartoon puppy looks even cuter due to the fact that he has very large and adorable eyes.

simple cartoon puppy drawing for kids

Cartoon German Shepherd Drawing Tutorial

Now you can see a cute cartoon shepherd dog. Essentially, this is the same dog that we drew in the shepherd drawing lesson, but with some changes. For example, there is a cartoonishly large head and a cartoonishly small torso.

how to draw a cartoon German Shepherd step by step


So, if you got here, then you most likely completed the main lesson on drawing a cartoon dog, as well as two additional ones.

If you were careful enough, now you can take any dog as a reference and depict it in cartoon form.

Write in the comments to this article how useful these lessons were to you. Also, subscribe to my Pinterest and YouTube accounts for more additional drawing materials.

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