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How to Draw Dog Man

Here I will show you how to draw Dog Man. The peculiarity of this character is that he looks like a man, stands on his hind legs.

On this page you will find two methods of drawing Dog Man. In addition, each of these two instructions will come with additional materials that will help improve your art skills.

How to draw Dog Man for kids
How to draw Dog Man step by step

Table of Contents

Basic Information on How to Draw Dog Man

So, in this simple tutorial, I will show you how to draw Dog Man. The peculiarity of this character is that he looks like a man, stands on his hind legs, and is dressed like a man, but he is still a dog. This cartoon character is dressed in bright clothes, has a hat on his head, and has shoes on his feet.

Especially for you, I tried to make this lesson interesting and accessible. You can easily learn how to draw Dog Man if you carefully follow all the stages and use my tips. The tutorial consists of eight stages, each step contains simple lines. This can be easily repeated by a child or a novice artist.

In addition, thanks to the additional method of drawing Dog Man, you will clearly see how you can use quite different paths to ultimately arrive at the same result.

Also, in this guide, you will learn useful skills, it may come in handy in the future when you draw other cartoon characters.

I used canonical colors to paint this character. You can of course use any other color combinations, but to make the character more recognizable, use the same colors that I showed at the end of this Dog Man drawing lesson.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Step-by-Step Dog Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 17 minutes

How to Draw Dog Man

  1. Draw the head.

    Try to draw the same head shape as in the example. In addition, at this stage you should find the correct location of the head and the entire character on a sheet of paper.Dog Man drawing tutorial

  2. Add the hat of Dog Man.

    First of all, outline a trapezoid. Then draw the visor with a couple of lines. Try to repeat the proportions and ratios of the sizes of the hat and head.
    drawing the hat

  3. Draw the ears and torso.

    Add two small ears on the side of the head. After this, outline the torso in the form of a simple trapezoid.
    drawing the torso

  4. Sketch the arms.

    Start by drawing the arms as two bent geometric shapes. Then draw hands with three fingers. Dog Man’s drawing style is deliberately clumsy. Try to repeat this in your artwork.How to draw simple Dog Man

  5. Draw the legs of Dog Man.

    Make short, straight lines and add flat ovals for the feet. Like all cartoon characters, Dog Man has a noticeably larger head than a normal human.How to draw Dog Man quickly

  6. Add the face and logo on the hat and clothing.

    Depict the eyes, nose, mouth and beard on the head. After that, draw the emblem on the clothing as shown in the example.
    final touches

  7. Remove any guidelines.

    At this stage, check your Dog Man drawing and remove unnecessary lines. Try to make the lines of the artwork as dark and contrasting as possible.
    dog man drawing

  8. Add colors to your Dog Man drawing.

    Color the body of the character in beige, the shoes in brown, and the clothes in blue. Draw small highlights on Dog Man’s visor and nose.How to draw Dog Man for kids

Additional Content

Now you have drawn another funny character. I think this Dog Man drawing tutorial was interesting and useful for you. Share your impressions in the comments.

Let me remind you that there is a PDF file that contains a short version of the tutorial. You can download this file and draw funny cartoon characters at any time.

Alternative Method on How to Draw Dog Man

In this additional lesson on drawing a Dog Man, we should end up with the same result as in the first one. But the path we take will be a little different.

You will first need to sketch the outline of the head, then the torso. After which draw the police hat and the details of Dog Man’s face, and only then draw the limbs. At the end, as in the previous instruction, remove unnecessary lines and color the sketch.

how to draw dog man step by step easy


So, as you can see, this Dog Man drawing tutorial is really very simple. In addition, you also saw that an artist can use quite different paths to achieve essentially the same result.

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