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How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe

In this drawing lesson, I will tell you how to draw a cartoon giraffe. This lesson will appeal to any aspiring artist or child.

cartoon giraffe drawing tutorial
how to draw a cartoon giraffe step by step

I am glad to bring to your attention this wonderful and very simple drawing lesson, in which I will tell and show you how to draw a cartoon giraffe step by step. The cartoon giraffe you will draw with this tutorial will look very cute and funny. A distinctive feature of animals depicted in cartoon style is that they do not have realistic body proportions, and also look like cartoon characters.

The giraffe is the tallest animal on Earth. The giraffe has long legs and neck and a small head with horns. Its long neck helps it reach and eat leaves from the tallest trees. And long legs make it possible to run very fast, even faster than a lion, the only predator that can attack a giraffe. The giraffe has very sharp hooves, with their help it defends itself from enemies. The giraffe sees and hears well. The drawings on the body of each giraffe are not repeated. Giraffes live in hot and arid steppes—savannas. The giraffe needs to drink a lot of water at one time to get drunk.

The cartoon giraffe you can draw with this tutorial looks like a baby giraffe. By learning how to draw a cartoon giraffe, you will be able to depict it as the main subject of your drawing, as well as complement any landscape, jungle, zoo, and many of your other beautiful paintings that you have drawn. Now you can prepare your art supplies, and then start this lesson, carefully following my recommendations. I wish you inspiration, and I am sure that the result of your work will please you.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe

  1. Draw the outline of the cartoon giraffe’s head.

    To complete this step, you need to draw one oval and then add a curved line above it.how to draw a cartoon giraffe easy

  2. Depict the outline of the giraffe’s torso.

    Below the drawn outline of the head, depict the torso in the form of an oval-like figure.how to draw a cartoon giraffe art hub

  3. Add the neck and tail of the cartoon giraffe.

    Connect the contours of the head and torso and add the tail with the tassel at the end.how to draw a cute cartoon giraffe

  4. Draw the facial features of the cartoon giraffe.

    Inside the outline of the head draw the eyes, nostrils, and mouth using ovals, circles, and an arc.how to draw a cartoon baby giraffe

  5. Sketch out the horns and ears to the giraffe’s head.

    Draw the horns using curved lines and ovals, on the sides draw the symmetrical ears.how to draw a simple cartoon giraffe

  6. Depict the pair of the giraffe forelimbs.

    Below the giraffe’s torso, draw two symmetrical front legs using curved lines.how to draw an easy cartoon giraffe

  7. Draw the pair of the giraffe hind limbs.

    Now you need to add hind legs using curved lines of different lengths as shown in the picture.how to draw a funny cartoon giraffe

  8. Add details.

    Using curved lines, draw spots on the body of the giraffe, and add the outlines of the hooves.cartoon giraffe drawing lesson

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the cartoon giraffe, use yellow, beige, orange, brown, and black.cartoon giraffe drawing tutorial

I remind you that you can download the PDF file that I have prepared especially for your convenience. This file contains a short version of this lesson and has additional useful training materials. Download this file so as not to lose it and return to this lesson at any time convenient for you.

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