How to Draw a Chest Step by Step

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a chest step by step. I have prepared a very useful and simple tutorial for you.

chest drawing lesson
how to draw a chest step by step

I suggest you complete an interesting and useful lesson in which you will learn how to draw a chest step by step. You could repeatedly see such a casket in cartoons and in books.

In the old days, valuables were stored in caskets, for example, jewelry and gold coins. The casket has a rectangular shape, on top there is a convex semicircular lid. Such a chest can be locked with a key. The casket has a beautiful design, there are decorative elements on each side.

The lesson will be useful for you, as you will train your spatial imagination and the ability to draw even straight lines. Keep in mind that elements that are closer look larger and vice versa, so try to correctly depict the perspective in your drawing.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Chest Step by Step

  1. Draw the bottom face.

    Use even straight lines and depict a quadrilateral of the same shape as in the to draw a chest easy

  2. Add the edges of the box.

    Depict three vertical lines of the same to draw a chest of gold

  3. Sketch out the top.

    At the top, draw connecting lines to depict the faces that are closer to to draw a cartoon treasure chest

  4. Depict the faces and edges in the background.

    Draw the rest of the ribs with straight lines, and draw semicircular lines at the to draw a chest for kids

  5. Draw the top outline and keyhole.

    Add a straight connecting line at the top, add the small hole for the to draw a chest for beginners

  6. Add details.

    Depict curly elements of various shapes on the side of the to draw a chest for kindergarten

  7. Sketch out the next curly element.

    On the front, draw a beautiful curly element using straight and curved lines.simple chest drawing lesson

  8. Draw the remaining element.

    Decorate the lid of the box and add a curly element, just like you did in the previous steps.chest drawing tutorial

  9. Color the chest.

    Use different shades of burgundy and orange.chest drawing lesson

By tradition, at the end of the lesson, I prepared a short version of the lesson in PDF format. Download the file and enjoy drawing at any convenient time.

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