How to Draw a Dolphin for Kids

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how to draw a dolphin for kids

how to draw a dolphin

Want to learn how to draw a dolphin? In this super simple instruction, I’ll describe to you how to draw a dolphin for kids.

Many people think that the dolphin is a fish. But in reality, this is not at all the case. The dolphin is a mammal, that is, biologically this animal is much closer to us than most other sea creatures.

If you often use the guides from the pages of, then most likely you know that I am showing here how to portray animals in a cute cartoon form. And this instruction on how to draw a dolphin for kids will be no exception.

Step 1

So, to draw a dolphin, start by depicting the body of our cute creature in the form of an eggplant-like figure.

how to draw a beautiful dolphin

Step 2

In front of the body, depict an elongated muzzle and a small, vertically elongated oval eye.

how to draw a cartoon dolphin

Step 3

Now go to the bottom of the sea creature and draw the fins as triangular geometric shapes.

how to draw a baby dolphin

Step 4

At the top of the torso, depict the dolphin’s dorsal fin, which looks like a curved triangle. Draw a tail fin at the tip of the tail.

how to draw a dolphin for kids

Step 5

A very simple stage in which you will need to depict a line that separates the dolphin’s upper body from the lower one.

how to draw a cute dolphin

Step 6

Get rid of all the construction lines and give the necessary lines of the dolphin drawing a sharper and darker look.

how to draw a dolphin easy

Step 7

Paint the dolphin’s eye black, leaving a round white highlight. Next, paint the upper part body blue and the lower body light blue.

how to draw a dolphin for kids

To make your cute dolphin drawing look more voluminous and liven it up even more, try adding some shadows and highlights. You can also depict marine environments such as various small fish and algae.

If this instruction on how to draw a dolphin for kids was interesting for you, then go to the Animals category on to learn how to draw another cute creature.

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