How to Draw a Donut

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a donut. I am sure that you will really like this lesson, and you will have a good time.

how to draw a cute donut easy
how to draw a donut step by step

If you are an aspiring artist and want to improve your skills in drawing sweets, then I have developed a new lesson especially for you, which shows in detail how to draw a donut.

This is a delicious delicacy, which is a round fried pie. There is a hole in the middle of the donut, and the top of the donut can be decorated with chocolate, icing, or powdered sugar.

The picture shows a standard-shaped donut decorated with colored icing and sprinkles. It looks very appetizing. To successfully complete the lesson, you will need your ability to draw even circles.

You can use improvised materials, but it is better to do it yourself. Consistently follow all the steps of drawing, be careful and accurate.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Donut

  1. Draw the outer outline.

    Determine what size the drawing will be and draw an even to draw a donut easy

  2. Add the inner outline.

    Sketch out a small circle in the to draw a donut art hub

  3. Depict the inner contour of the glaze.

    Draw a jagged, wavy line along the small to draw a cartoon donut cute and easy

  4. Add the outer contour of the glaze.

    Depict a wavy line along the outer outline, similar to how you did in the previous to draw a realistic donut

  5. Add sprinkles on the donut.

    Draw small, elongated grains on the surface of the to draw a cute donut

  6. Correct inaccuracies.

    Remove the extra lines and correct mistakes if to draw a cartoon donut

  7. Color the donut.

    Choose any colors for the to draw a cute donut easy

As usual, at the end of the tutorial, you will find a link to download a PDF file that contains a quick guide and additional useful tools. Save this file so that you can return to the lesson at any time if necessary.

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