How to Draw a Fighter for Kids

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how to draw a Fighter

This very simple drawing instruction is about how to draw a fighter. This instruction is specially created so that even the most inexperienced artist can learn how to draw a fighter easily and quickly.

Of course, there are a huge number of fighters in the world, and there are exactly the same number of types of martial arts. And accordingly, the fighters of these martial arts have their own characteristics.

Boxers, karate fighters, and Muay Thai fighters look different, and accordingly, they are drawn differently. But in this instruction, i decided to show you how to draw a karateka, because this outfit is one of the most common among fighters. You could see this outfit, called Gi, both on karate fighters, as on Ku-Do or judo fighters.

So let’s start the instruction on how to draw a fighter!


Step 1

Let’s start by depicting the head as a circle and the torso as an oval. Sketch two intersecting lines on the face.

drawing tutorials for kids

Step 2

Depict the arms and legs with a few simple lines. Sketch fists and feet at the ends of the arms and legs.

how to draw a warrior

Step 3

Using the previously created lines draw the eyes with pupils, nose, and mouth. Don’t forget to draw the eyebrows above the eyes.

Fighter drawing lesson

Step 4

Draw the ear in the shape of a semicircle. Use lots of short lines to draw the hair of the karateka.

how to draw a Fighter

Step 5

Now create a costume. Draw the top first, then the belt. Finish this stage by drawing the pants.

how to draw a karate Fighter

Step 6

Set your pencil aside and grab the eraser. Carefully remove all construction lines from the head.

Fighter art

Step 7

Now do the same with the torso – remove all unnecessary lines from the torso, making the torso lines clean and beautiful.

Fighter drawing tutorial

Step 8

Finish clearing the fighter drawing of the construction lines by removing them from the legs.

Learn how to draw a Fighter easy step by step

Step 9

It’s time to color your fighter drawing. In this stage, you can choose any color for any part of the drawing.

how to draw a Fighter

As i said at the very beginning of the instructions, any novice artist can easily learn how to draw a fighter. And the team of really hopes that you succeeded.

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