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How to Draw a Fireball

I suggest you complete a lesson in which you will learn how to draw a fireball. I promise that the instructions will be very simple.

how to draw a fireball for beginners
how to draw a fireball step by step

I have prepared for you a new drawing lesson in which I will tell you and show you in detail how to draw a fireball. This instruction includes only six simple steps. The fireball can be seen when a burning object moves through space at high speed.

You can see that the front part has a rounded shape, and on the other side flames of various shapes and sizes are depicted. Please note that in the figure, the flame consists of two elements. Usually the inside is hotter, so it looks lighter and the outer flames have a more intense color.

Freehand lines are allowed in this tutorial, so the shape of the flame in your drawing may differ from my example. The main thing is to remember the sequence of steps. The acquired skills will be useful to you in the future when you want to draw any flame, for example, a fire, a candle, a burning match or any other burning object.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Fireball

  1. Draw the bottom of the ball.

    Use a smooth line and depict the rounded shape of the bottom of the flame.how to draw a doberman easy

  2. Depict the top of the flame.

    Use wavy lines to depict individual flames and a pointed top.fireball drawing lesson

  3. Add the front of the outer outline.

    The outer contour has the same shape as the inner one, the lower part is rounded, and at the top there is an uneven edge.fireball drawing tutorial

  4. Draw the rest of the outline.

    Using wavy and curved lines, add flames and a pointed top.fireball drawing guide

  5. Sketch out the flames.

    Draw two long, narrow flames with smooth lines.how to draw a fireball for kids

  6. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, use different shades of yellow and red.how to draw a fireball for beginners

I remind you that now you can download a PDF file with a short version of the lesson. The file contains instructions and additional training materials that are necessary for the effective implementation of the lesson.

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