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How to Draw a Gift Box

Embarking on the joyous task of learning how to draw a gift box, I want to share with you a technique that’s simple yet effective. Starting with a basic rectangle, we carve out the structure of a gift box, ready to be adorned with festive details. It’s a delightful activity for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their gift-giving.

How to Draw a Gift Box: Basic Information

In this lesson on how to draw a gift box, I’ve distilled the essence of surprise into a simple method for sketching. We begin with the foundation – a simple rectangle that will evolve into the base of our box. This technique is designed to be accessible, ensuring even those with no prior experience can find success and satisfaction in their artwork.

As we proceed, the addition of a lid and the outline of a ribbon transforms our basic shape into something more, something that hints at celebration and joy waiting to be uncovered. It’s an engaging step that invites you to imagine the happiness such a box could hold. Through this process, I encourage my readers to infuse their own style and flair into the drawing.

In our final touches as we learn to draw a gift box, we illustrate the ribbon’s bow, symbolizing care and the joy of giving. Each stroke is more than just drawing; it’s crafting a vessel of excitement and anticipation. This method aims to bring you joy, akin to the happiness the gift boxes you draw will bring to recipients.

Gift Box Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Gift Box

  1. Draw the outline of the box.

    To do this, draw a figure that looks like a rectangle without an upper side. Use straight lines.how to draw a gift box step by step

  2. Add the outline of the box lid.

    Using straight lines, draw a rectangle with a long top and bottom side.how to draw a gift box easy

  3. Draw the outline of the ribbon.

    To draw a ribbon to tie the gift box, draw two vertical straight lines.how to draw a gift box easy for kids

  4. Start drawing the bow.

    Outline the center of the bow on top of the box, using a curved line.how to draw a gift box easy step by step

  5. Add the bow loops.

    Depict these parts being the same on the right and left sides.how to draw a gift box for kids easy

  6. Draw some pleats on the bow.

    To make the drawing look voluminous, draw some curved lines on the bow.a gift box drawing guide

  7. Erase the auxiliary lines.

    Remove any unnecessary lines from the gift box with an eraser.a gift box drawing tutorial

  8. Color the drawing.

    Use blue to color the box and red to color the ribbon with the bow.easy way ro draw a gift box

Additional Content

To enhance your learning experience, I’ve also crafted a complimentary PDF guide for this drawing lesson. This concise edition is readily downloadable, enabling you to engage with it offline at any time. Inside, you’ll find additional material, thoughtfully designed to refine your drawing abilities once you’ve mastered the fundamental steps of the tutorial.

The PDF doesn’t simply reiterate the steps; instead, it expands your toolkit with supplementary exercises that challenge and improve your skills. It’s tailored to encourage practice beyond the basics, helping you to develop a more nuanced understanding of drawing and to fine-tune your technique with every page.

My vision for this guide is to serve as a silent mentor, available at your fingertips whenever inspiration strikes. It’s meant to accompany you as you progress, providing resources and creative challenges to ensure that your artistic journey continues to flourish. Embrace this opportunity to nurture your talent and watch your confidence grow with each creation.

Alternative Drawing Technique

Venturing beyond the basics, I’ve devised a novel approach to drawing gift boxes, focusing on varied angles to elevate your artistic prowess. This method introduces perspective drawing, challenging you to think about the box’s position in space, creating a more engaging and realistic depiction.

By adopting this method, you will develop a keen eye for angles and lines that converge with distance. The exercise emphasizes the way ribbons wrap around corners and edges, which gives the gift box a three-dimensional quality even without the play of light and shadow.

Mastering this alternative style will not only add versatility to your skill set but also instill a stronger grasp of spatial relationships in your artistic endeavors. It’s an enjoyable way to experiment with perception, encouraging you to explore the world from a new vantage point through your art.

How to Draw a Gift Box: Another Angle

In this lesson, we’ll embark on a creative venture to depict a gift box, not from the usual straight-on view, but from an intriguing angle that offers a new perspective. The first lines set the stage for a 3D effect, with the sides of the box drawn to converge at a point, leading the eye into the depth of the picture.

Adding to this, our second phase of lines defines the box’s upper edges, giving shape to the lid and creating a sense of dimensionality. It’s crucial here to maintain the angles consistent to ensure the box appears symmetrical and balanced.

Finally, we crown our gift box with a bow. The loops and tails of the ribbon are drawn with care to follow the box’s perspective, reinforcing the three-dimensional form. This new vantage point breathes life into our sketch, making the gift box pop off the page.

how to draw a gift step by step

Advanced Techniques for Gift Box Art

As we wrap up our lesson on how to sketch an enchanting gift box, it’s essential to reflect on the subtle intricacies that can transform a good drawing into a great one. In this tutorial, we’ve covered the basics, but now let’s delve into the subtleties that will elevate your drawing.

  • Balance and Symmetry: Pay close attention to the symmetry of the box’s edges. Even the slightest disparity can tilt the perspective, so use guides if necessary to ensure each side mirrors the other.
  • Stroke Uniformity: A consistent line weight contributes significantly to the neatness of your drawing. Use a steady hand and practice controlling your pen or pencil pressure for uniform strokes.
  • Depth Through Shading: To create a three-dimensional effect, apply subtle shading along the edges and under the lid of the gift box. This technique helps to differentiate the various planes and adds realism.
  • Details Matter: The bow and ribbon can transform your box from a simple shape to an inviting gift. Practice drawing loops and folds to make your ribbon look natural and fluffy.
  • Color with Care: When adding color, consider the light source. Use lighter shades on the parts where light naturally hits and darker shades for shadowed areas to give your gift box a vibrant yet realistic appearance.

With these tips in hand, you’re all set to refine your gift box drawings. Remember, the beauty of art lies in the details, and it’s the small touches that bring your creation to life. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different techniques, and most importantly, enjoy the process!


You’ve just wrapped up the charming task of drawing a gift, but this is only the beginning! Picture this: you could be sketching the sturdy lines of an office desk or the textured curve of a coconut with just a few more clicks. Explore a world of diverse drawing lessons on my website, where imagination meets paper.

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