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How to Draw a Horse Eye

I’m here to guide you through the intricate process of learning how to draw a horse eye with a method I’ve crafted for clarity and ease. Eyes are the mirrors to the soul, even in drawing, and this lesson is designed to help you master the gentle curves and subtle reflections that make a horse’s eye not just realistic, but also expressive.

draw horse eyes
how to draw a Horse Eye step by step

How to Draw a Horse Eye: Basic Information

Welcome to a focused lesson where I’ll show you how to draw a horse eye, a captivating subject that can bring emotion and life to your equine drawings. This tutorial was created with my straightforward method, aiming to simplify complex features into clear, manageable steps that anyone can follow.

The horse eye we’ll be drawing has a distinct shape and depth, qualities that are crucial in capturing the animal’s expressiveness. I’ll guide you in layering the shapes, starting with the outline of the eye, adding the iris and pupil, and finishing with the reflective highlights that give the eye a realistic wetness.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll not just draw a horse eye; you’ll create a window to the soul of your artwork. This skill is invaluable, as the eye is a central element that can define the mood of the entire piece. So let’s sharpen our pencils, and I’ll take you step by step through this rewarding artistic endeavor.

Horse Eye Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Horse Eye

  1. Draw the upper eyelid.

    Determine the size and location of the eye and depict a curved line.how to draw a horse eye easy

  2. Depict the lower eyelid.

    Repeat the previous step, just draw a line at the bottom and select the corner of the eye.how to draw a realistic horse eye

  3. Sketch the outline of the iris.

    To do this, draw some smooth, curved lines inside the eye.how to draw a horse eye cartoon

  4. Draw the pupil.

    Depict a small circle inside the eye.how to draw a horse eye for beginners

  5. Add the highlight inside the eye.

    Draw a rounded line above the pupil.how to draw the eye of a horse

  6. Detail the lower eyelid.

    Depict some smooth lines on the lower eyelid.how to draw a simple horse eye

  7. Sketch out the eyelashes.

    To do this, draw some short lines. Don’t forget to depict the reflection of the lashes in the glare.horse eye drawing simple

  8. Draw the fur.

    Using short lines draw the fur around the eye.horse eye drawing tutorial

  9. Color the drawing.

    Use different shades of brown. Color the pupil black and the highlight white.draw horse eyes

Additional Content

To supplement our detailed tutorial, I’ve also put together a free PDF file for you. This succinct version encapsulates the essence of the lesson, perfect for offline use. It’s designed to be a handy reference that you can return to anytime, reinforcing what you’ve learned.

The PDF is crafted not with step-by-step instructions, but with additional materials to strengthen your drawing abilities after you’ve grasped the basics. Inside, you’ll find exercises and challenges that will help refine your technique, focusing particularly on enhancing the realism and expression of your equine art.

This downloadable resource is here to support your journey beyond our session. After you’re comfortable with the fundamental stages of drawing a horse eye, this PDF will serve as your guide to advancing your skills, pushing you towards more complex and rewarding artistic achievements.

Common Missteps in Horse Eye Drawing

Reflecting on our lesson about drawing a horse eye, it’s crucial to acknowledge common mistakes that can occur along the way. Recognizing these can help us refine our technique and approach our art with a more critical and knowledgeable eye.

  • Misplacing the Pupil: Placing the pupil too high, low, or off-center can affect the eye’s direction and the horse’s gaze, making it appear unnatural.
  • Ignoring Reflections: Neglecting the subtle reflections within the eye can result in a less lifelike depiction, robbing the drawing of its potential vitality.
  • Overemphasizing Eyelashes: Exaggerating the eyelashes can detract from realism, as a horse’s lashes are often finer and less pronounced than one might expect.
  • Uneven Shading: Inconsistent shading across the eyeball can give an unrealistic appearance, failing to convey the spherical form of the eye.

Taking these points into consideration, your journey in drawing a horse eye can only grow more confident and adept. Each mistake is a lesson in disguise, steering us closer to the authentic portrayal we aspire to achieve. So take these common pitfalls as friendly cautions, guiding your hand towards creating a more accurate and expressive horse eye.

Solving FAQs in Horse Eye Illustration

After meticulously crafting the window to a horse’s soul, it’s natural for questions to emerge, like shadows cast by an artist’s hand. These frequently asked questions, gathered from learners like you, serve to smooth out the creases in your understanding and perfect your depiction of a horse’s eye.

  • How can I make the eye look glossy? A sharp highlight on the pupil and a less defined one on the iris can create the illusion of wetness and gloss.
  • My horse’s eye looks flat. How can I add depth? Depth is achieved through layering tones. Start light, and gradually build up darker shades around the edges and beneath the eyelid.
  • What’s the key to getting the horse eye shape correct? Study different horse breeds and practice sketching the eye from various angles to understand the common shapes and contours.
  • How important is the surrounding area in drawing the horse’s eye? Very important. The surrounding area, including the eyelid and lashes, frames the eye and contributes to its expression and realism.

In wrapping up this lesson, remember that each question you ask shines light on a path of learning. Every ‘why’ and ‘how’ is a brushstroke on the canvas of knowledge. So, let these FAQs be your guide as you continue to draw and study the equine form, allowing your skill in portraying the beauty of a horse’s eye to gallop ever forward.


Completing the journey on how to draw a horse’s eye opens the door to even more artistic adventures on my website. From the stealthy elegance of a leopard to the dynamic structure of a helicopter, each lesson is an opportunity to enhance your drawing prowess and explore diverse subjects.

I encourage you to connect with me on social media to stay abreast of all the latest content, ensuring you never miss a new tutorial release. Your feedback is the cornerstone of these lessons, so please leave your comments and suggestions for what you’d like to learn next. Together, we’ll turn your artistic goals into reality.

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