How to Draw a Jellyfish for Kindergarten

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I have prepared for you a super easy tutorial on how to draw a jellyfish for kindergarten. There are only four easy steps in this tutorial.

how to draw a cute cartoon jellyfish
how to draw a jellyfish step by step

Now you will draw one of the marine life that you have seen in pictures more than once and, possibly, met in real life when you were vacationing at the sea. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a jellyfish for kindergarten.

Jellyfish is an amazing animal. It consists almost entirely of water and therefore has a translucent appearance. The jellyfish has a rounded body and tentacles. Some types of jellyfish are dangerous to humans because their tentacles contain poison.

In this lesson, you see a simple jellyfish shape, it will not be difficult to draw it. First, you need to draw the body of the jellyfish, which has a rounded shape. Then you need to add tentacles one by one. There should be four of them. When the contour of the jellyfish is ready, then you can start painting. To do this, you must use a pale pink color.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Draw a Jellyfish for Kindergarten

  1. Draw the body.

    The body of the jellyfish is rounded. how to draw a jellyfish easy

  2. Depict the central tentacles.

    They don’t have to be symmetrical and perfectly to draw a jellyfish cartoon

  3. Sketch out the side tentacles.

    Try to give them roughly the same shape as in the to draw a jellyfish for beginners

  4. Color the drawing.

    You need to use delicate shades because this creature is almost entirely to draw a cute cartoon jellyfish

I hope you enjoyed drawing jellyfish and gained some useful skills. You can use the skills learned in this lesson to create a beautiful underwater composition with a jellyfish as the main character, against a background of other elements of the underwater world – algae, coral, or other inhabitants.

In wildlife, there is a wide variety of jellyfish. Using the same drawing steps, you can draw a different type of jellyfish, such as changing the shape or number of tentacles or depicting a jellyfish in a different color, pale blue.

Do not forget to send the results of your work to us on social networks. Download the pdf file and use our tutorial at any time.

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