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How to Draw a Megaphone

Join me on a drawing adventure as we learn how to draw a megaphone that’s perfect for your creative stories! This guide is designed for kids, with simple steps that make drawing a breeze.

Ready for more? Let’s draw a megaphone using a two easy methods! Your drawings will shout with style, and I’ll be here to guide every line. Get ready to amplify your artistic skills and have a blast doing it!

How to Draw a Megaphone: Basic Information

Hey there, future Picassos! Are you ready to turn up the volume on your art? Today, we’re going to learn how to draw a megaphone that can make any character stand out in your stories. This isn’t just any drawing lesson; it’s a fun way to express loud ideas quietly on paper.

As we move through each phase of the drawing, we’ll explore the unique aspects of the megaphone in the image: its dynamic shape and the way it easily comes to life on paper. This lesson was created by me to ensure my readers can pick up a simple technique to depict a megaphone with ease.

And when we reach the final touches, you’ll be ready to draw a megaphone that not only looks great but also feels like it could really blast a message across the room. So grab those pencils, and let’s make some art that’s as loud as it is proud!

Megaphone Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Megaphone

  1. Draw a megaphone horn.

    Starting with a simple geometric shape, draw a diamond, slightly elongated vertically to form the opening of the megaphone. It’s important to use straight lines and to keep the angles consistent.how to draw a megaphone step by step

  2. Add a megaphone power amplifier.

    Draw it as an arc attached to the previously drawn trapezoid. Overall you should see a monolithic figure. The rounded figure should not bend or move relative to the base megaphone figure.how to draw a megaphone easy

  3. Outline the handle of the megaphone.

    This element must be positioned below the megaphone power amplifier and look like an arc. This part of the megaphone must be level and form an integral structure with the rest of the parts.how to draw a megaphone easy for kids

  4. Add the button, the microphone, and the strip on the horn.

    Depict the megaphone button as an angle. Add the other parts using straight lines. Refine the megaphone’s features, paying attention to their proportional relationship to one another.how to draw a megaphone easy step by step

  5. Color the drawing.

    So, let’s color our megaphone. The main body of the megaphone is colored in a light blue, while the handle is given a darker shade of blue, providing contrast and depth.how to draw a megaphone for kids easy

Additional Content

Understanding the need for accessibility in art, I’ve converted our megaphone drawing lesson into a free, downloadable PDF file. It’s the perfect solution for continuing your artistic development without relying on an internet connection. This condensed guide offers you the freedom to draw whenever and wherever you choose.

Alternative Drawing Method

In addition to the core lesson, I’ve crafted an extra drawing technique specifically for the megaphone, designed to push your skills further and provide more depth to your artistic journey. This new approach introduces a different set of challenges and perspectives, encouraging you to experiment and refine your techniques.

It’s a fantastic way to diversify your drawing repertoire, ensuring you get a well-rounded practice experience. By exploring this additional method, you’ll not only enhance your ability to draw a megaphone but also improve your overall artistic skills, making your artwork more dynamic and versatile.

How to Draw a Megaphone in Detail

In this additional method, a detailed approach is used, starting with the basic shape and adding complexity gradually, emphasizing the megaphone’s subtle curves and details.

This technique breaks the drawing into intricate stages for a deeper grasp of structure, enhancing precision and detail. Each step thoughtfully builds upon the previous, culminating in a detailed, realistic megaphone.

how to draw a megaphone step by step

Enhancing Your Megaphone Drawings

You’ve been working hard on drawing your megaphones, and they’re looking amazing! But sometimes, even the best of us can make a little oopsie-daisy here and there. It’s all part of the learning process! Here’s a list of common slip-ups I’ve noticed, so you can check if you’ve done any of these and know how to fix them next time!

  • Forgetting to sketch lightly at first: Remember to start with gentle strokes so you can erase easily if you need to.
  • Making the handle too big or too small: The handle should be just the right size for someone to hold. Think about how it would fit in your hand!
  • Not getting the proportions right: Sometimes one side might be longer than the other. Try to measure with your pencil if you can!
  • Rushing through the drawing: Take your time! Art isn’t a race, and the more time you spend, the better your drawing will turn out.

And remember, every artist was once a beginner, and every mistake is a step towards becoming a pro. Before you know it, you’ll be drawing megaphones so well, you could do it with your eyes closed! (But keep them open for the best results.) Keep up the great work!


You’ve taken an important step in your artistic journey, but there’s so much more to explore. On my site, you’ll find lessons for every curiosity. Dreaming of the skies? My airplane drawing lesson will help your creativity take flight. Or, if you prefer something a bit more floral, my tulip sketch guide will surely brighten your day.

To ensure you’re always in the loop with my latest and greatest tutorials, follow me on social media. It’s your go-to source for new content announcements. Let’s continue this creative journey together, one drawing at a time!

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