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How to Draw a Praying Mantis

Now I will show you how to draw a praying mantis. With the help of this lesson, you will once again train your artistic abilities.

simple praying mantis drawing
how to draw a praying mantis step by step

If you want to learn how to draw various insects, then be sure to follow the lesson on how to draw a praying mantis. This amazing insect looks like a green leaf, so it perfectly disguises itself as surrounding plants. The praying mantis is green and has long thin legs.

The front pair of legs has large spines that serve to capture prey. At rest, the front legs of the praying mantis are bent and pointing forward. The praying mantis has a triangular head and large eyes that can be round or conical.

Try to correctly depict all parts of the praying mantis body so that your drawing is as similar as possible to my example. Now take all the necessary supplies and start the lesson.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Praying Mantis

  1. Draw the main parts of the body.

    Depict the head, thoracic region and elongated belly.how to draw a praying mantis easy

  2. Detail the head.

    Draw the large eyes and add the long thin antennae on top.how to draw a praying mantis art hub

  3. Depict the front paws.

    Draw two front paws, which consist of several segments.how to draw a realistic praying mantis

  4. Add the spikes.

    At the ends of the front paws, add the spikes, the lower part of which has an uneven outline.how to draw a cartoon praying mantis

  5. Sketch out the lower paws.

    Draw two thin paws in the same position as in the example.how to draw a cute praying mantis

  6. Add the rest of the paws.

    Add two lower paws in which the feet are turned in the opposite direction.praying mantis drawing lesson

  7. Detail the belly.

    Draw the elongated thin wing and add veins on the belly.praying mantis drawing tutorial

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    If you notice mistakes, correct them. Carefully remove extra lines.praying mantis drawing guide

  9. Color the drawing.

    You will need different shades of green, as well as black for coloring the eyes.simple praying mantis drawing

Ending Now you have learned how to draw one of the most unusual insects on our planet. I would be interested to know your opinion about this lesson. By tradition, I have prepared a PDF file for you, which contains a brief instruction and additional training materials.

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