How to Draw a Rabbit Easy for Kids

how to draw a rabbit

Today we have a little practice in drawing little cute animals. I decided to choose a common rabbit for this purpose. This will be one of the easiest drawing lessons on my site. In this drawing lesson, I will use round shapes of different shapes and sizes. So let’s start it to learn how to draw a rabbit for kids!

Step 1

Draw the first round shape. This figure should be slightly flattened on top. In fact, it is very similar to the contour of round fresh bread It should be located on the upper right side of the paper.

Step 2

Draw another round shape. It should be located in the center of the sheet. The top margin of the shape should be rounded, and the bottom margin should be flatter.

Rabbit easy drawing tutorial

Step 3

In this step, we draw the rabbit’s facial features. As you can see, the eye looks like a small circle, the mouth is just a dash, and the ears have the shape of two cylinders.

If you want, you can draw a rabbit with protruding ears. In this case, you should position them a little closer to the side of the forehead.

How to draw a rabbit easy for kids

Step 4

There are really a lot of rounded shapes in this drawing guide. With the help of three more rounded figures, we draw the contours of the tail and paws.

How to draw a rabbit for beginners

Step 5

Add a small number of minor details. Of course, they are insignificant only seemingly. In fact, small details form the big picture. So, in this stage, we draw auricles and slightly adjust the shape of the head.

How to draw a rabbit simple

Step 6

In this step, we will not draw any new details. We erase the extra construction lines and make the final contours more contrast.

Rabbit drawing tutorial

Step 7

I decided to choose the usual brown color for this rabbit. If you want, you can add texture in the form of wool. But it really complicates our drawing tutorial.

By the way, do you know that rabbits have caused a real environmental problem? It happened in Australia. Rabbits were brought there from another continent. They began to multiply and supplant other herbivorous mammals.


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