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How to Draw a Sabre

Learn to draw a sabre step by step with this easy tutorial! Perfect for beginners eager to master the art of sword sketching.

how to draw a Sabre for kids
how to draw a sabre step by step

The sabre’s elongated shape will challenge you to maintain proportion throughout your drawing. Learning to draw objects in correct proportion is fundamental in art and applies to everything from still life to character design.

The subtle curves of the sabre’s blade and the angles of its hilt will enhance your ability to translate different shapes onto paper. Mastery of curves and angles is essential for adding dynamics and realism to your drawings.

Precision is crucial in this tutorial. You’ll practice controlling your pencil to create clean lines, which is a vital skill whether you’re sketching a portrait or outlining a comic strip.

Drawing a sabre can spark curiosity about its use in history and its cultural significance, encouraging research skills and a broader understanding of the subjects you choose to draw.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Sabre

  1. Draw the top edge of the sabre.

    Begin your sabre drawing with a gentle, slightly curved horizontal line. This represents the top edge of the sabre. The line should arch smoothly from one end to the other, creating the impression of the blade’s length and slight bend characteristic of a sabre.
    drawing the initial line of the sabre

  2. Draw the bottom edge.

    Below your initial line, sketch another one for the bottom edge of the blade. It should swoop lower than the top edge towards the left, indicating the blade’s widening before narrowing to a fine point. This line showcases the sabre’s unique profile.
    drawing the bottom edge of the sabre

  3. Start illustrating the guard of the sabre.

    For the handguard, add a curved line on the right end of the sabre. This line should form a partial oval shape that extends from the top and bottom edges of the blade, suggesting the protective element of the sabre which shields the hand during combat.
    Drawing the guard of the sabre

  4. Detail the guard.

    Inside the partial oval of the guard, sketch a smaller shape, creating the inner line of the guard. This inner contour adds depth and dimension, indicating the thickness of the metal guard. You can detail the guard by adding some patterns to the surface.
    Detailing the guard of the sabre

  5. Draw the line of the blade.

    Detail the blade by drawing a line down the center, starting from the tip of the saber and extending towards the guard. This central ridge line gives the blade a more three-dimensional effect, suggesting a sharp edge and the flat surface of the sword.
    Detail the blade

  6. Refine your sabre drawing.

    Refine the overall artwork by smoothing out any rough edges and ensuring the lines of the blade and guard are clean and precise. Make any necessary adjustments to the curves to emphasize the elegance and sleekness of the sabre.
    Finished sabre drawing

  7. Color your sabre drawing.

    Add color to your sabre to bring it to life. Choose a metallic hue like silver or gray for the blade to simulate steel. For the guard, select a gold or brass color to represent a rich, ornate metal. This step finalizes the sabre drawing with a vibrant and realistic appearance.
    How to draw a sabre

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