How to Draw an Easy Rabbit

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Today in this simple tutorial you will learn how to draw an easy rabbit in just nine steps with helpful tips.

how to draw a rabbit cartoon
how to draw an easy rabbit step by step

In this lesson, I want to show you how to draw an easy rabbit. You can easily cope with this task if you have already completed similar lessons. But even if you are drawing a rabbit for the first time, you will still get a good result, since the lesson is designed specifically for beginners.

This simple instruction shows in detail how to draw an easy rabbit. This is a very sweet, gentle animal. The little rabbit has a round body shape. The head and torso are one object, and the ears are small. The paws are hidden under the body and only their ends are visible.

This lesson will require your ability to draw smooth rounded lines. Take your time during the lesson, try to carefully draw all the elements, then you will get an excellent result.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy Rabbit

  1. Draw the outline of the head and torso.

    Depict a circle, then add a smooth rounded line on the side to draw the to draw a rabbit easy

  2. Sketch out the eyes.

    In the middle of the head, draw two identical to draw a rabbit for kids

  3. Add the nose and the bottom of the muzzle.

    Draw a smooth line to depict the lower outline of the muzzle. Using short strokes draw the to draw a rabbit art hub

  4. Depict the ears.

    With the help of smooth lines draw two ears that are located side by to draw a rabbit realistic

  5. Draw the inside of the ear.

    Sketch out a small line along the outline of the to draw a rabbit art simple

  6. Depict the tail.

    In this step, use a jagged line to depict the short fluffy to draw a rabbit body

  7. Sketch out the paws.

    With smooth lines draw two front paws and one hind to draw a beautiful rabbit

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Carefully remove all extra lines in your to draw a rabbit easily

  9. Color the easy rabbit.

    Use black, gray and pink. Add highlights to the to draw a rabbit cartoon

I remind you that for your convenience, I have prepared a PDF file with a short version of the lesson. Download the file so that you can always return to this lesson if you wish.

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