How to Draw Ice Cream for Beginners

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In this very simple step-by-step drawing tutorial for kids, we will show you how to draw ice cream.

Ice cream drawing
How to draw ice cream

Scroll down the page to get a PDF version of this drawing tutorial with additional worksheets.

o learn how to draw ice cream, you need the simplest art supplies and a little time.

I tried to keep this tutorial as simple as possible using the simplest geometric shapes. This lesson will help a young artist master straight lines combined with curved lines.

In addition, in the process of creating the texture on the ice cream cone, he will learn how to sketch parallel and cross lines, which will help him master hatching in the future.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw Ice Cream for Beginners

  1. Draw the cone.

    Firstly, draw a regular triangle. This is a contour of the ice cream cone.How to draw an ice cream for beginners

  2. Draw the circle contour of the ice cream.

    Please note that this part of the ice cream should be noticeably wider than the bottom part.How to draw ice an cream easy

  3. Add texture to the ice cream cone.

    Now we have a realistic waffle cone. Further, draw the outline of the melted part of the ice cream.Draw an ice cream for kids step by step

  4. Erase the guidelines

    So, erase all unnecessary lines with an eraser. Make the outlines complete, dark, and clear.Ice cream drawing tutorial

  5. Color the ice cream drawing

    Now paint the waffle ice cream cone with a light brown color. You can select the color for the ice cream to your taste.How to draw an ice cream for kids

So, the ice cream drawing lesson has come to an end. This is not the hardest drawing instruction on my site and I hope you get a great result. To improve your skills, you can try adding some elements to your artwork, such as sprinkles or other toppings. In addition, you can add a hand holding the ice cream cone or create a background.

To use this tutorial, and all additional materials, you can download the completely free PDF file, which I created especially for you: Ice Cream Drawing Tutorial and Extra Printables.

How to draw an ice cream for kids

So, what other delicacies would you like to learn to draw with my drawing instructions? Scroll through this page just below and write about it in the comments. Subscribe to me on social networks and share my tutorials.

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