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How to Draw a Bugbear

how to draw a bugbear for kids

how to draw a bugbear

Hello, dear young artists and welcome to the lesson about how to draw a bugbear for kids. In fact, it is not a bug and not even a bear. This is a monster from a very famous role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, which also appeared in a number of other interesting games.

Step 1

As in a lot of other my lessons (mummy for example), we start with a circle of the head.

how to draw a bugbear for kids

Step 2

Draw out the hair and eyes located right below the line of hair.

how to draw a bugbear

Step 3

Draw the bear nose with wrinkles at the sides and the curved mouth.

learn to draw a bugbear

Step 4

Sketch out the big pointy ears and beard. Our bugbear looks pretty angry.

learn how to draw a bugbear step by step

Step 5

Draw the torso in the shape of an oval or rectangle with rounded corners.

learn how to draw step by step monster

Step 6

Next, draw the arms and a spiked big morning star in the left hand.

how to draw a monster for kids

Step 7

On the front of the torso draw belts as in my example. You also can draw some other elements according to your desire.

how to draw a monster from dnd for beginners

Step 8

Draw the legs using a few simple lines as in my example.

learn to draw a bugbear for easy

Step 9

Erase all unnecessary guidelines to get something like the drawing below.

bugbear drawing

Step 10

Remains only to paint your bugbear drawing using crayons, paints, or markers, choose what you like best.

how to draw a bugbear for kids

Bugbear drawing is ready! If you want to try to draw a more usual monster then visit the lessons about a goblin and an orc.

The bugbears are not as popular characters as trolls or orcs, they don’t have world renown and we rarely see them in different games or movies. But at the same time, these are some of the most interesting creatures that have a really interesting appearance.

Above, I’ve posted a shortened version of this lesson about a bugbear, which consists of 10 simple steps. Save it to your page in the social networks or share it on Pinterest to help people find out about howtodrawforkids.com.


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