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How to Draw a Bugbear

Create a mythical monster with my really easy drawing guide on how to draw a bugbear, a creature from legends and DnD universe.

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how to draw a bugbear

So, dear young artists, in this tutorial we will learn how to draw a bugbear for kids. In fact, it is not a bug and not even a bear.

This is a monster from a very famous role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, which also appeared in a number of other interesting games.

Here I will show you the process of drawing this character in very simplified way. We will draw the body, facial features and details of the clothes in cute and cartoon style.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies (grey, shades of brown, light blue)

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to Draw a Bugbear

  1. Begin with the head of the bugbear.

    As in a lot of other my lessons (mummy for example), we start with a circle of the head. This shape is important as it dictates the overall proportion and orientation of the creature’s facial features. Make sure the circle is centered and sized appropriately on your drawing surface to accommodate the body later.Begin with the head of the bugbear

  2. Add the eyes and brows.

    Now, add character to your bugbear drawing by sketching two lines for the eyebrows, positioned to illustrate a scowling expression. Below these, sketch the eyes, semi-oval in shape with pupils inside them. At the top of the head draw the hair using a series of short and curved lines.Add the eyes and brows

  3. Draw the nose and mouth.

    For the next step, introduce the nose and mouth to give further expression to the bugbear’s face. The nose should be similar to the nose of a dog or other animal. Below the nose, craft a mouth with a deep frown to illustrate the creature’s surly face.Draw the nose and mouth

  4. Add the ears and facial accents.

    Now focus on the sides of the head by adding large, pointed ears that illustrate the creature’s beastly aesthetic. Below the ears draw sideburns. All these details of the face should be created using straight lines to illustrate that the character is a monster.
    Add the ears and facial accents

  5. Form the torso.

    From the base of the head, draw the torso, creating a solid, barrel-like shape that conveys strength. The simplicity of this shape now will later be improved by the addition of clothing and other details, but it should already illustrate that the bugbear is a formidable creature.Form the torso

  6. Draw the arms and weapon of the creature.

    Define the bugbear’s arms with muscular definition, showing off the creature’s brute strength. The hands should be drawn in a gripping position, ready to hold a weapon. Sketch the mace with a rough handle and a formidable spiked head.Draw the arms and weapon of the creature

  7. Add some belts and straps.

    Circle the waist with a belt and crisscross straps over the torso, providing the structure for holding the bugbear’s tools and weapons. These practical elements also serve a visual purpose, breaking up the expanse of the torso and adding points of interest to the character.Add some belts and straps

  8. Sketching the legs.

    The legs should be powerful and wide, with significant muscle mass, supporting the bugbear’s large upper body. They taper down to the knees ending in large feet planted firmly on the ground, implying a creature that is both mobile and stable.Sketching the legs

  9. Erase the guidelines and refine the artwork.

    With all elements in place, it’s time to refine your drawing. Strengthen the contours of the bugbear, erasing any unnecessary guidelines. This step transforms your sketch from a rough concept to a clear and defined illustration.
    Erase the guidelines and refine the artwork

  10. Color your bugbear drawing.

    Choose a natural color scheme to fill in your bugbear, giving life to the drawing. Earthy browns and grays can simulate fur, while darker shades create shadows and volume. The mace could have hints of metallic colors to denote its hardiness.Color your bugbear drawing

Bugbear drawing is ready! If you want to try to draw a more usual monster then visit the lessons about a goblin and an orc.

The bugbears are not as popular characters as trolls or orcs, they don’t have world renown and we rarely see them in different games or movies. But at the same time, these are some of the most interesting creatures that have a really interesting appearance.

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