How to Draw a Horse Face

In this drawing lesson I will tell you how to draw a horse face. This tutorial will be very funny and fascinating for you.

You can learn how to draw a horse face step by step using this tutorial. Horses are hoofed mammals that have lived with humans for thousands of years. Almost all of the horses alive today are domesticated. Horses are herbivores, and their diet consists mainly of tough grasses.

Horses are muscular animals with a long tail made up of coarse hair, a long, thick neck draped with a mane down the midline, and an elongated head and skull. With this instruction, you will draw the horse’s face in a cartoon style, so the horse will look quite funny and cute. the lower part of the horse’s face that you draw will look much wider than the upper part.

Prepare your drawing materials and get started on this interesting lesson. I hope you will have a beautiful drawing!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Horse Face

  1. Draw the bottom part of the horse’s face.

    To complete this step, outline one big oval at the bottom of the to draw a horse face step by step

  2. Add an outline of the upper part of the horse’s face.

    Now you should draw a big arc on top of the previously drawn to draw a horse face easy

  3. Depict the horse’s eyes.

    To do this simple step, you have to draw two eyes as two identical to draw a horse face easy for kids

  4. Outline the horse’s nostrils and mouth.

    Depict the horse’s nostrils as two identical small ovals, and add its mouth as an to draw a horse face easy step by step

  5. Draw the horse’s ears.

    On the top of the horse’s head depict its pointed ears in the form of two identical curved to draw a horse face for kids easy

  6. Add the inside of the ears.

    Now draw inside the ears curved lines of slightly shorter length than in the previous step.a horse face drawing guide

  7. Picture the horse’s mane.

    Between the two previously drawn ears add pointed strands on the mane using curved lines.a horse face drawing tutorial

  8. Erase unnecessary lines.

    Use an eraser to remove auxiliary lines that appeared during the drawing process.easy way to draw a horse face

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color a horse’s face, you should use black, beige, and shades of to draw a horse face step by step easy

So, this drawing lesson has come to an end and now you know how to draw a horse face step by step. Traditionally, I have prepared a short PDF version of this tutorial for your convenience. Download this file to come back to this lesson when you want to draw again. 

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