How to Draw an iPad for Kids

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How to daw an iPad for kids

There is no doubt that Apple gadgets have a whole bunch of fans. Each shows his love for these gadgets in different ways – some simply treat them carefully, while others devote a lot of time to them. But today we want to pay special attention to this topic and have made a lesson about how to draw an iPad for kids.


Step 1

It is worth starting with the body of the iPad – it is a regular rectangle.

How to draw an iPad

Step 2

Now with the help of four curved lines we round the corners of our iPad.

How to draw an iPad easy

Step 3

Now we need a eraser, with which we will remove the sharp corners from the drawing of the iPad.

How to draw an iPad for kids

Step 4

Now we draw the iPad screen in the form of a regular rectangle and a button in the form of a circle.

How to draw an iPad for beginners

Step 5

The color range of this gadget is extremely limited, but after all, no one bothers us to dream up and paint it in our favorite colors.

How to daw an iPad for kids

Many people think that Apple’s gadgets are the best in the world, some on the contrary hate them and prefer Android. We did not begin to look for pros and cons of this gadget, and just showed you how to draw an ipad for kids.

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