How to Draw an Owl for Kids

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How to Draw an Owl for kids

Hello dear young artists and welcome to the lesson about how to draw an owl for kids.┬áIn previous steps we have shown you how to draw a lion and how to draw a crocodile, so let’s start this lesson and learn to draw an another animal.

Step 1

First draw a circle (yes yes, as in the very picture of the guide on how to depicture an owl).

How to Draw an Owl for kids

Step 2

Using two ovals draw out the eyes and add pupils inside the eyes.

How to Draw an Owl for kids

Step 3

Between the eyes draw a beak like in our example.

How to Draw an Owl

Step 4

Below the beak draw out the feathers on the chest.

How to Draw an Owl for beginners

Step 5

At the sides of our owl draw out the wings.

How to Draw an Owl step by step

Step 6

On the lower part of the torso of owl draw out the feet.

How to Draw an Owl for children

Step 7

Erase unnecessary lines from our drawing and we’ll get such a cool owl.

How to Draw an Owl easy

Step 8

We have only to color our owl – they are often brown or gray.

How to Draw an Owl for kids

The sketching lesson about how to sketch an owl easy came to an end. Do not forget to share this and other our sketching and painting guides.

In this guide, our owl looks more like a globe, but in one of the following lessons we will draw a slightly different owl, which may be a little more difficult to depicture. And now, you can save this cool shortened version of the instruction and show your friends.

How to Draw an Owl for Kids

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