How to Draw Batman For Kids

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How to draw Batman for kids

how to draw batman

In this super easy drawing instruction, I will show you how to draw Batman for kids.

Batman appeared a long time ago, back in the 30s of the 20th century on the pages of DC comics. Since its inception, this superhero has gained incredible popularity, and to this day is one of the most famous comic book characters in the world.

This tutorial will be one of a series of articles on drawing superheroes. And by tradition, this will be such a simple instruction that even the most inexperienced artist can learn how to draw Batman.

Step 1

First, draw the head and torso using simple light lines.

How to draw Batman

Step 2

Now draw the arms and legs as cylinders and simple circles.

How to draw Batman step by step

Step 3

Now draw the famous horns (ears), eyes, and an opening in the mask.

How to draw Batman easy

Step 4

Draw the Batman sign and a belt on the cable. Draw a cape at the back. Then draw gloves and boots on the arms and legs.

How to draw Batman for kids

Step 5

With the help of an eraser, remove all construction lines from the head and darken this body part.

How to draw Batman easy for kids

Step 6

Now remove all the remaining construction lines and make the Batman drawing dark and clear.

How to draw Batman for beginners

Step 7

Paint the costume in shades of gray. Use yellow for the logo and belt. Don’t forget to paint the visible part of the skin.

How to draw Batman for kids

So, this was a super easy instruction on how to draw Batman for kids. I hope that you were able to draw it and did not encounter any difficulties during the lesson.

Try to make your Batman drawing more interesting. For example, you can depict the rooftops of a city in the background. In addition, you can add some other comic book characters to your drawing, for example, Superman.

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