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How to Draw Creeper

If you want to learn how to draw creeper, then this lesson is created for you. This guide is very simple and contains only nine easy steps.

creeper drawing minecraft
how draw creeper step by step

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Creeper. This is a character in the popular computer game Minecraft. I think that fans of the game will draw this hero with great pleasure. Even if you are not fond of computer games, you will still enjoy the lesson and you will gain useful skills.

Creeper is a green creature with four legs. This is a negative character and one of the opponents of the main characters. The creeper can blow up parts of the terrain and himself, this leads to losses and the death of other heroes.

Since all objects in Minecraft are in the form of squares, the Creeper also consists of a large number of small squares. I advise you to draw all the lines yourself and not use the tools at hand. You must be careful when constructing the basic elements. Do everything carefully and follow my prompts.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Creeper

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    Locate the Creeper and draw an even square.how to draw creeper face

  2. Depict the side of the head.

    Add some straight lines on one side as in the example.how to draw creeper easy

  3. Sketch out the outline of the torso.

    Draw a rectangular torso below the head.how to draw a basic creeper

  4. Add the side of the torso.

    Draw a straight line from the side parallel to the torso and one line at the bottom.how to draw a cute creeper

  5. Draw one part of the leg.

    The leg looks like a convex square.creeper drawing easy

  6. Depict the second part of the leg.

    With a few straight lines sketch out the rest of the leg.creeper drawing tutorial

  7. Draw the elements of the face.

    Depict the eyes, nose and mouth using straight lines as shown in the example.creeper drawing art

  8. Detail the body of the Creeper.

    To do this, draw some straight lines to make small squares.creeper drawing pictures

  9. Color the Creeper.

    Use several shades of green.creeper drawing minecraft

Download the PDF version of this tutorial and use all the helpful tools anytime.

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