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How to Draw Cute Pikachu

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw cute Pikachu. This lesson will definitely not leave indifferent any of you.

how to draw pikachu from pokemon
how to draw cute pikachu step by step

I have prepared for you a fascinating and very interesting drawing lesson in which I will tell and show you how to draw cute Pikachu step by step. If you are a fan of manga and anime, then this tutorial is sure to please you. Pikachu, which you will draw with the help of these instructions, will look very cute and funny.

Pikachu is a very charming animal that has a zigzag tail and a bright color, he won the hearts of both young and adult fans of games and anime. The character who makes unusual sounds is endowed with charm and kindness, despite his warlike nature. Outwardly, the Pokémon resembles a yellow mouse. The color is complemented by interspersed black-brown. Short legs allow the creature to move quickly, a lightning-shaped tail balances the body when jumping. By the way, the female animals, which include Pikachu, do not have a zigzag, but a heart-shaped black tail. The character has bright pink round cheeks, which makes him look very cute.

Completing this lesson will help you greatly improve your artistic skills. When you learn how to draw a cute Pikachu with the help of this lesson, you can draw it as the main subject of your drawing, as well as add it to the image of any episode of the game or cartoon. Now you can prepare the art supplies you need to start this fun lesson. I am sure that you can easily cope with drawing cute Pikachu and enjoy the creative process.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Cute Pikachu

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    Depict several curved lines of varying lengths to draw part of the cute Pikachu’s face and hair.how to draw pikachu easy

  2. Add the facial features.

    Next to the curved lines, depict the eyes, nose, and mouth using ovals, the dot and a wavy line.how to draw pikachu cute

  3. Depict the ears of the Pikachu.

    On the sides of the head, depict two ears pointing in different directions.how to draw pikachu art hub

  4. Sketch out the cheeks of the cute Pikachu.

    Draw one cheek of the Pikachu in the form of a circle, and draw the other in the form of an arc.how to draw pikachu's body

  5. Draw the outline of the torso and limbs of the Pikachu.

    Add several curved lines of varying lengths from the end of the ear to the bottom of the face.how to draw chibi pikachu

  6. Draw two more paws and the fingers.

    Inside the drawn outline of the torso, add curved lines of different lengths and one arc.how to draw pikachu drawing

  7. Depict the Pikachu tail.

    Draw the large pointed tail on the left side of the torso using straight and zigzag lines.how to draw pikachu draw so cute

  8. Add decorative elements on the tail and body of the Pikachu.

    Now you need to draw one line and also add two built-up elements using curved lines.how to draw pikachu for kids

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the cute Pikachu, use yellow, pink, and also brown.how to draw pikachu from pokemon

I remind you that you can download the PDF file that I have prepared especially for your convenience. This file contains a short version of this lesson and has additional useful training materials. Download this file so as not to lose it and return to this lesson at any time convenient for you.

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