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How to Draw Honey

Get creative with my how to draw honey lesson. Follow my simple steps to create a deliciously detailed honey jar, complete with a dipper!

Embark on a sweet drawing journey and learn how to draw honey with my engaging tutorial. I provide clear, step-by-step instructions to render a honey jar and dipper, perfect for artists of all ages. Unlock your creativity and add a touch of sweetness to your sketchbook with my easy-to-follow honey drawing guide.

how to draw honey jar
how to draw honey step by step

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How to Draw Honey: Basic Information

I’m super excited to share with you my newest adventure: learning how to draw honey! Now, you might think, “How sweet can this be?” and I’m here to tell you, it’s as sweet as the honey itself!

When we draw honey together, we’ll start with the simplest of lines and shapes. It’s like a puzzle; each piece fits together to create our honey masterpiece. We’ll begin with a simple rectangle that will form the lid, then add the curvy lines for the jar, making sure it’s as plump as a well-fed bear would love!

As we continue to draw honey, we’ll sketch in our dipper, with those fun spiral lines that twirl around like a merry-go-round. With each step, we’re adding layers just like bees add layers to their honeycomb. By the end, you’ll have a jar filled with golden, glistening honey that looks so real, you’ll want to reach out and dip a finger in it.

So, let’s twist our pencils and let them dance across the page as we draw honey in a jar that even a bee would envy. Grab your drawing gear, and let’s show everyone the joy of learning to draw honey with flair and fun!

Honey Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Honey

  1. Depict the neck of the jar.

    Decide on the size of your honey drawing and use straight lines to carefully draw the neck of the jar, ensuring it’s proportional to your planned drawing.how to draw honey easy

  2. Draw the sides of the jar.

    Carefully use flowing, curved strokes to craft the sides of the jar, ensuring each side is a mirror image of the other to achieve perfect symmetry in your drawing.how to draw honey jar step by step

  3. Add the bottom of the jar and detail the top.

    Draw a smooth horizontal line to connect the sides at the bottom, completing the jar’s shape. Then, add horizontal bands around the neck to represent the screw threads.how to draw honey cartoon

  4. Sketch the dipper’s handle.

    At this stage, carefully draw two straight, parallel lines at an angle for the dipper’s handle. At the end of these lines, add a round tip to represent the end of the dipper.honey drawing easy

  5. Add the rest of the dipper.

    Sketch the main part of the dipper’s head as an oval. Then, carefully draw horizontal grooves across it to mimic the deep, spiral indentations typical of the honey dipper’s design.jar of honey drawing

  6. Draw the outline of the honey.

    Utilize gracefully curved lines to illustrate the honey placed on the dipper, creating a smooth, flowing appearance as it gently drips downward. Ensure the texture is captured in your drawing.cute honey drawing

  7. Sketch the rest of the honey outline.

    With smooth lines, outline the contour of the honey inside the jar, paying attention to its shape and texture. Capture the essence of the honey thickness in your drawing, making it look enticing.honey drawing cartoon

  8. Color the honey drawing.

    Select a light blue for the jar’s lid, a beige hue for the honey, and a light brown for the wooden dipper. Use these colors to fill in the respective areas carefully, staying within the lines you’ve drawn.how to draw honey jar

Additional Content

Certainly, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a PDF document for your convenience, which encapsulates a brief version of this honey drawing lesson. This file is designed to be a handy reference that you can easily download at no cost to you.

Once downloaded, the beauty of this PDF is that it grants you the flexibility to engage with the lesson’s material without the necessity of an internet connection. It’s a perfect companion to support your artistic development, ensuring that the lesson is just a click away, ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Improve Your Honey Drawing

Ready to take your honey drawing to the next level? Let’s add some sweet details and create a buzz-worthy masterpiece. Here’s a little guide on how to jazz up your drawing:

  • Add some busy bees: Sketch a few bees buzzing around the jar. They love this treat just like we do!
  • Flower power: Draw some lovely flowers nearby for the bees to visit – maybe a sunflower or a daisy?
  • Breakfast scene: Picture this jar on a kitchen table with some pancakes waiting to be drizzled with honey.
  • Garden picnic: Why not set your jar in the middle of a picnic scene with a checkered blanket and some yummy snacks?
  • Happy bear: How about a gentle giant bear sitting among the flowers, protectively watching over the jar while butterflies flutter around?

Now that you’ve got these fun ideas, your drawing is going to be sweeter than ever! So, each stroke of your pencil adds magic to the story you’re creating. Your drawing can be as simple or as detailed as you like. The most important thing is to have fun and let your heart guide your art.

Remember, you can discover most of the objects we’ve talked about on my website. Just use the search function to find the lesson you’re interested in, and you’ll be met with a wealth of helpful information.


Finally, that’s a wrap on my sweet drawing lesson! If you had fun and want to keep the creativity flowing, don’t forget to buzz over to my social media and hit that follow button! Moreover, you’ll find loads of other awesome lessons on my website that are just waiting for you to try them out.

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So, got some cool ideas for what you’d like to draw next? Drop me a comment; I love hearing from you and can’t wait to turn your ideas into my next exciting drawing adventure!

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