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How to Draw King Kong

How to Draw King Kong in 9 Simple Steps

How to draw King Kong for kids
How to draw King Kong step by step

Please note that this tutorial on how to draw King Kong can be used to depict a common gorilla or other gorilla characters such as Gorilla Grodd, Congorilla, or Donkey Kong from Mario.

I have simplified the King Kong drawing so that young artists do not face difficulties in the process of work. I also made the proportions of the character more cute and cartoonish.

At the end of the lesson, you can try to improve your drawing. For example, you can draw some environment (jungle or New York skyscrapers) and small helicopters surrounding King Kong.

If you’re ready, grab your art supplies and start creating!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw King Kong

  1. Sketch the head of King Kong.

    Note that King Kong’s head looks like an egg at this stage.
    How to draw King Kong for beginners

  2. Sketch out the torso.

    Do this with an elongated oval geometric shape.
    How to draw King Kong easy

  3. Draw the limbs.

    The fore and hind legs of King Kong should be drawn roughly the same.
    King Kong drawing for kids

  4. Add the hands and feet.

    Try to repeat the outlines of the hands and feet as in my example.
    King Kong drawing tutorial for kids

  5. Draw the ears and outlines of the face.

    The ears look like two semicircles, and the outlines of the face look like a geometric figure like an hourglass.
    King Kong simple drawing

  6. Add the eyes.

    First, draw the eyes in the form of circles, then a long and thick eyebrow above them.
    How to draw a gorilla

  7. Add the nose and mouth.

    Draw two dots for the nostrils, then a line above them and a mouth that curves into a smile.
    How to sketch King Kong

  8. Erase the guidelines.

    Just get rid of unnecessary auxiliary lines without touching the necessary lines.
    King Kong drawing tutorial

  9. Color King Kong.

    To do this, you can use shades of brown or gray, as in my example.
    How to draw King Kong for kids

So the instruction has come to an end, and it’s time to remind you of the PDF version of the instruction. Download and print it to access this tutorial outside of the internet.

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