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How to Draw Luigi

I suggest you complete a drawing lesson in which you will learn how to draw Luigi. The lesson is designed specifically for beginners.

luigi drawing cartoon
how to draw luigi step by step

Now I will introduce you to a simple instruction that shows in detail how to draw Luigi. This is the character of the popular computer game, which is known as the younger brother of Mario. Luigi manifests himself in different ways in the game. Sometimes he is cowardly, and sometimes vice versa, he shows determination and readiness for heroic deeds.

Very often, Luigi helps his brother Mario and fights alongside him. Initially, Luigi was very similar to Mario, but as new games were released, Luigi changed and acquired individual features. You can see that Luigi has expressive features and a big mustache. Luigi is dressed in overalls and has a cap on his head.

You can easily draw all the elements of the character if you follow my recommendations and draw all the lines correctly. Take your time during the lesson and be careful.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Luigi

  1. Draw the head and torso.

    Depict an oval and mark it with thin lines. Then add the torso.how to draw luigi easy

  2. Add the facial features.

    Depict large eyes, a large oval nose and add the chin.how to draw luigi cute

  3. Depict the visor of the cap and mustache.

    Draw the visor at the top of the head. Add the fluffy mustache.how to draw luigi cute for kids

  4. Sketch out the cap and ears.

    Use a smooth rounded line to represent the cap on the head and draw two ears.how to draw luigi cute for beginners

  5. Detail the cap and eyes.

    Draw the round emblem on the cap, add the iris and pupils on the eyes.how to draw luigi cute for kindergarten

  6. Add the rest of the elements on the head.

    Depict the eyebrows, hair, the inside of the ears and the image on the emblem.luigi drawing tutorial

  7. Draw the arms and lower legs.

    Use smooth lines to depict the arms, and draw the feet as two circles.luigi drawing lesson

  8. Depict the clothes.

    Sketch out the shirt and overalls.luigi drawing guide

  9. Color the Luigi.

    You will need the same colors as in my example.luigi drawing cartoon

Luigi is ready! I remind you that now you can download a short version of the lesson as a PDF file for free. Save the file and use it whenever you want.

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