How to Draw Pancakes for Kids

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Pancakes drawing guide

Did you have breakfast today? We hope you had a great breakfast. We had it that way. Because we ate delicious flavored pancakes. After that we decided to do a drawing lesson of this wonderful dish.

So let’s start a lesson in which we will tell you how to draw pancakes for kids!

Step 1

First we draw an oval. It should be located at the top of the paper. This will be the topmost pancake.

How to draw pancakes

Step 2

Now draw the edges of four more pancakes. In your case, the stack can be even higher. Pay attention to a very important detail. All pancakes should be the same size.

How to draw pancakes easy

Step 3

Let’s draw the outline of the melted butter. You can draw berries jam or condensed milk sauce.

How to draw pancakes for beginners

Step 4

In this stage we erase the extra lines inside the contour of the melted butter. Also in the same step we make the final contours darker and contrasting.

How to draw pancakes simple

Step 5

Appetizing light brown dough is an excellent choice for the color gamut of this pattern. If you drew berries jam, you should use bright red or bright blue colors.

How to draw pancakes for kids

It was not a particularly difficult task, was it? The most important thing in this drawing lesson is symmetry and evenness of a stack of pancakes.


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  1. bob

    this is the best lesson ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! every one should try to draw pandcakes.

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