How to Draw a Chicken for Kids

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How to draw a Chicken for kids

how to draw a chicken

This is another super simple animal drawing instruction, and in it, I’ll show you how to draw a chicken for kids.

As you already know, on the pages of I show you how to draw animals, people, comic characters, and much more in the simplest way.

Since the site was created specifically for children and novice artists, the drawing method here is especially simplified so that even the smallest child can learn to draw.

Step 1

First, draw the head as an uneven oval and the torso below the head.

Step 2

Now depict the eyes with two circles. Draw a beak below them.

how to draw a cute baby chicken

Step 3

Draw a comb at the top of the head and wattle at the bottom.

how to draw a chicken for preschoolers

Step 4

Use a long, wavy line to draw the plumage on the neck.

how to draw a cute chicken

Step 5

Now with the help of short lines draw the wings and tail.

how to draw a baby chicken

Step 6

In the lower part, depict legs and feet with toes spread apart in different directions.

how to draw an easy chicken

Step 7

Now get rid of all the construction lines of the chicken drawing and give it a finished look.

how to draw a chicken easy

Step 8

Paint the comb and wattle red, the upper torso sand, the lower torso beige, and the legs orange.

How to draw a Chicken for kids

What are your favorite animals? Write about it in the comments below. And also write what drawing lessons you would like to see on the pages of along with this instruction on how to draw a chicken for kids.

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