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How to Draw a Cloak

Learn how to draw a cloak with this tutorial. This guide is very simple and consists of only nine easy steps.

simple cloak drawing lesson
how to draw a cloak step by step

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a cloak. If you are planning to draw in the future, then this lesson will be very useful for you. Here you will learn how to draw elements of clothing and in the future you can easily draw a person wearing such a cloak.

A cloak is a wide long garment. In such clothes you can hide in bad weather and feel quite comfortable. . If desired, you can wear a hood over your head.

So, prepare all the supplies you will need to complete this tutorial, and you can start the creative process.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Cloak

  1. Draw the inner outline of the hood.

    To do this, sketch out a pear-shaped figure.how to draw a cloak for kids

  2. Add the outer outline of the hood.

    On the left side, draw a rounded line of the same shape as in the example.how to draw a cloak for beginners

  3. Depict one side of the cloak.

    Draw a long, smooth line down from the hood.how to draw a cloak for kindergarten

  4. Add the other side.

    Repeat the previous step and depict a long, smooth line on the other side.how to draw a cloak easy

  5. Draw the leading edge.

    Depict a smooth line down the center from the hood.how to draw a simple cloak

  6. Add the front edge on the other side.

    From the same point, sketch out down another smooth line.cloak drawing lesson

  7. Draw the bottom edges of the cloak.

    At this stage, sketch out wavy lines on each side.cloak drawing tutorial

  8. Add details.

    Draw a few thin lines to depict the folds in the fabric. Connect both sides of the cloak.cloak drawing guide

  9. Color the drawing.

    Use any color. Choose a light shade for the outside and a light shade for the inside.simple cloak drawing lesson

For your convenience, I have prepared a short version of this walkthrough as a PDF file. You can download this file for free and return to the lesson at any time, even if you do not have Internet access.

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