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How to Draw a Dragon Face

Let’s unfurl our scrolls and summon a creature of legend to our page. My how to draw a dragon face guide is a portal to an ancient realm, presented through a simple, joyous process. You’ll create not a beast, but a benign guardian with just a few well-placed lines and curves, imbued with charm.

dragon face drawing tutorial
how to draw a dragon face step by step

How to Draw a Dragon Face: Basic Information

In the mystical dance of drawing, there’s a particular joy in taming the fierce into the adorable. This is the heart of my tutorial on how to draw a dragon face – a whimsical spin on the storied creature, designed to be as simple as it is delightful. Every circle and curve we draw is a step closer to a dragon that could almost wink back at you.

Crafting this tutorial, I’ve distilled the majestic into the approachable, guiding you to give life to a dragon‘s face with a charm that belies its mythical power. Through gentle arcs for the snout, crescent smiles, and pools of innocence for eyes, this dragon becomes a companion of ink and imagination, ready to enchant.

Join me, and let’s draw a dragon face that bridges worlds, blending the fantastical with a touch of playfulness. Here, your pencil becomes a wand, casting spells that turn fierce scales into tender textures, and fearsome frowns into soft grins. Together, we’re not just drawing; we’re storytelling, one line at a time.

Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Dragon Face

  1. Draw the top of the head.

    Depict a smooth rounded line.how to draw a dragon face easy

  2. Add the bottom of the head.

    Draw another rounded line at the bottom. The bottom is slightly wider than the top.how to draw a dragon face art hub

  3. Sketch out the eyes.

    Depict two small identical ovals.how to draw a dragon face for kids

  4. Draw the nose and mouth.

    Add two large dots to depict the nostrils and draw a small rounded line.how to draw a dragon face for kindergarten

  5. Depict spikes on the head.

    On the top of the head, draw two spikes of a rounded shape.how to draw a dragon face for beginners

  6. Sketch out the horns.

    With even straight lines draw the horns that have a triangular shape.simple dragon face drawing

  7. Draw the ears.

    With smooth lines draw two small ears on each side.cartoon dragon face drawing

  8. Make the drawing clearer.

    Carefully trace the outline of the dragon face.dragon face drawing lesson

  9. Color the dragon face.

    You will need green, beige and black.dragon face drawing tutorial

Additional Content

To carry the magic of our lesson beyond the screen, I’ve crafted a special PDF file for this dragon face drawing tutorial. It’s a condensed guide, perfect for offline practice. Tuck it away in your art kit, and let it be your silent guide, ready to spark your imagination wherever you may roam.

Inside this PDF, you won’t find the usual step-by-step instructions or tips; rather, it’s packed with additional exercises. These are designed to stretch your skills further, to deepen your mastery of the dragon’s curves and edges. It’s the quiet after the storm of learning, where you hone the subtle art of detail and expression.

Consider this PDF a parchment of continuation, a means to keep the artist’s flame burning bright. After the foundational steps of the tutorial have been mastered, this document will serve as your treasure map to undiscovered facets of your drawing talents. Download it, and let your journey into the depths of dragon artistry unfold.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

In the tapestry of our dragon drawing adventure, the threads of skill and practice intertwine richly. Beyond the primary hues of our lesson, I’ve spun a spectrum of alternative techniques for drawing a dragon face, each a new shade to refine your artistic prowess.

Venture deeper into the dragon’s den of art with me, where alternative techniques await – like hidden jewels within a cavern. They are not just methods but paths in an enchanted forest, each turn revealing new secrets of the dragon’s mien. These practices are designed to sharpen your focus, each one a step further into the mastery of scales and breath.

Let your pencil wander across the paper, discovering alternative ways to summon the dragon’s face from the mist. With these additional techniques, every line you draw is a whisper of growth, every shadow a tale of progress. In the crucible of creation, your skills will blossom like fire from a dragon’s throat, wild and beautiful.

How to Draw a Dragon Face for Kindergarten

We begin with the simplest method of drawing a dragon’s face, crafted especially for kindergarten, where each line is a playground of discovery. This method invites little hands to trace friendly shapes, starting with a wide, round head that promises no sharp corners, just the warmth of a story waiting to begin.

With each step, we add elements that spark imagination without the clutter of complexity: two dots for eyes that hold the night sky, a sweet smile, and a nose that could sniff out the most magical of flowers. The horns are not fearsome spikes but gentle leaves unfurling from a fairytale garden, signaling that this dragon is more friend than foe.

By the time we reach the final flourish, we’ve not only drawn a dragon face but have also planted the seeds of creativity in young minds. This dragon, with its soft eyes and tender horns, becomes a child’s companion in adventure – a first friend from the realm of myth, brought to life by their own hand.

how to draw a dragon face step by step

Drawing a Dragon Face with Open Mouth

And now, we’ll transition to the method of drawing the face of a charming dragon with an open mouth, ready to unleash a tiny roar. Starting with a basic outline, we invite an expression of joyful surprise, adding a spark of life to our dragon’s wide-eyed wonder. This approach gently nudges the ferocious into the realm of the adorable, a balance of softness and mythical might.

Crafting this dragon’s open mouth, a touch of whimsy takes hold as we sketch. The playful twist here allows for a breath of fantasy to seep through – a puff of flame, perhaps, to remind us of the fire within. Despite its friendly demeanor, this dragon still carries the echo of its legendary kin, a whisper of the wild among the whimsy.

Let’s not forget, even the most genial dragon harbors a spark of the ancient and powerful. With a few deft strokes, we can tease a flame from the corners of this creature’s smile, a playful contradiction to its kind eyes. This is where the charm of our drawing deepens, blending the cute with the hint of a dragon’s true nature.

how to draw a simple dragon face step by step

How to Draw a Dragon Face with a Piercing Gaze

And in the final act of our dragon-drawing soiree, I’ve saved a dragon with a piercing gaze, one that commands the skies and befriends the stars. This method, simple in its execution, is designed to capture the majestic aura of dragons in a few thoughtful strokes. Beginning with an oval, we give rise to a creature whose eyes hold the depth of ancient wisdom.

This particular dragon’s face is a blend of gentle curves for the snout and sharp angles for the horns, crafting a visage that is both noble and endearing. With each step, we imbue our creation with a character – a being of myth brought to life not by fire and brimstone, but by the soft graphite whisper of our pencils.

As our dragon’s features come together – the ridged brows, the slender snout, the pointed ears – the piercing eyes remain the focal point. They are the windows into a soul untamed by the ages. With this tutorial, you’ll not just draw a dragon face; you’ll unveil a silent guardian of the realms, a watcher of the endless skies.

how to draw an easy dragon face step by step


With the final line drawn and our dragon’s gaze set upon the horizon of our imagination, your journey through art need not end here. I invite you to delve into the diverse array of tutorials on my site; perhaps you’ll find joy in sketching the humble curves of a carrot or capturing the tranquil flow of a river.

For those hungry for more artistic adventures, my social media is the hearth where new content sparks to life – follow me there. Should your heart hold a wish for what you’d like to see next, the space below this lesson awaits your words. Share your visions, and together, we’ll craft tutorials that turn your artistic dreams into reality.

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