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How to Draw a Football Player

I suggest you complete the drawing lesson in which you can learn how to draw a football player. This lesson will be helpful for you.

football player drawing for kids
how to draw a football player step by step

So, I am happy to present you this wonderful step-by-step tutorial in which I will tell you how to draw a football player step by step. This is another lesson dedicated to drawing people.

This lesson will perfectly help you develop your artistic skills, because with its help you will learn how to draw a person and in the future you will be able to depict any character or person according to the same principle.

I think you have met such athletes as football players more than once. Football is a team sport in which the goal is to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal with the feet or other parts of the body more times than the opposing team. It is known that football is currently the most popular and mass sport in the world.

In this drawing lesson, you will draw a football player in the form of a boy holding a soccer ball and also wearing a special soccer player uniform.

If you have ever seen a football ball, then you know that this ball has a special look. The soccer ball is used to play football, and most often it consists of thirty-two pieces of a special material. These pieces are represented as black pentagons and white hexagons.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Football Player

  1. Draw the outline of the head and markup.

    Depict one circle, and also add two crossed lines at the bottom of the circle.how to draw a football player easy

  2. Depict the bottom of the head and ears.

    Below the circle and markings, draw a few curved lines, as shown in the figure.how to draw a football player realistic

  3. Add facial features.

    Inside the outline of the head draw the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth using arcs and circles.how to draw a football player cartoon

  4. Sketch out the outline of the hairstyle.

    To draw the football player’s hair, use many curved lines of different lengths.how to draw a football player art hub

  5. Draw the outline of the T-shirt.

    Below the previously drawn head, depict a t-shirt using straight and curved lines.how to draw a football player for beginners

  6. Add the lower body of the football player.

    Below the drawn t-shirt, draw the outlines of the shorts, legs, and shoes of the football player.football player drawing tutorial

  7. Depict the ball.

    Draw one circle, and also add pentagons and straight lines of different lengths inside it.football player drawing lesson

  8. Add the arms and element on the shorts.

    To depict the arms, use curved lines and also draw one line on the shorts.football player drawing guide

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the football player, use black, brown, pink, and any color for the skin.football player drawing for kids

Traditionally, for your convenience, I have prepared a PDF file that contains a short version of this lesson, as well as training materials that will help you complete this lesson. Download this file right now so as not to lose this lesson and return to it at any time convenient for you, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

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