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How to Draw a Fox Face

Discover how to draw a fox face with my guide, offering the techniques to sketch this charming animal with precision. This guide is suitable for all ages.

how to draw a fox cartoon face
how to draw a fox face step by step

How to Draw a Fox Face: Basic Information

Drawing a fox’s face in a cartoon style is an insteresting way to improve your artistic skills. Before you begin, it’s important to carefully observe the object you are drawing. Look closely at the fox’s eyes, ears, nose, and the overall shape of its face. Notice how the eyes are typically large and expressive, the ears are pointed and alert, the nose is small and round, and the face has a rounded contour that forms the characteristic look of a fox.

When drawing, follow the correct sequence of steps, ensuring that each step builds on the previous one. Start with basic shapes to outline the head and features, then gradually add more details. Always check your work at each stage to make sure the new lines relate correctly to the ones you’ve already drawn. This careful approach will help you maintain accuracy and achieve a more cohesive and appealing result.

Mastering the art of drawing cartoon animal faces is beneficial for artists. It helps you learn to break down complex images into simple shapes, making the drawing process more manageable. This practice not only enhances your ability to draw animals but also improves your overall drawing skills by teaching you how to see and render basic shapes in your artwork.

Fox Face Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Fox Face

  1. Draw the top outline of the head.

    Begin by drawing a smooth, slightly curved line to form the top of the fox’s head. This line will be the foundation for the overall shape of the fox’s face. Use light, controlled strokes to create the curve, allowing for easy adjustments if needed.how to draw a fox face easy

  2. Add the bottom outline of the head.

    Next, add the fox’s cheek fur by drawing small, jagged lines extending downward from the ends of the top curve. These lines should resemble tufts of fur and give the fox a distinctive, fluffy appearance. To achieve a natural look, vary the length and direction of each line slightly.how to draw a fox face realistic

  3. Depict the bottom of the face.

    Now, complete the face outline by drawing a curved line that connects the two sides of the cheek fur. This line will form the bottom of the fox’s face, giving it a rounded and complete appearance. Make sure the curve is smooth and balanced, reflecting the symmetrical nature of the fox’s head. how to draw a fox face for kids

  4. Add the eyes and nose.

    Sketch the fox’s eyes and nose within the face outline. Start by drawing two small ovals for the eyes, placing them symmetrically on either side of the face. These ovals should be positioned slightly above the center of the face. Then, draw a small oval or circle for the nose at the lower center of the face, aligned with the eyes.how to draw a fox face for beginners

  5. Detail the lower part of the face.

    Add more details to the face by drawing the fox’s muzzle and mouth. Start with a curved line connecting the nose to the sides of the face, creating the outline of the muzzle. Then, draw a small curve below the nose to form the mouth. These lines should be light and smooth.how to draw a fox face for kindergarten

  6. Sketch out the ears.

    Draw the fox’s ears by adding two large, pointed shapes on top of the head. These ears should be symmetrical and proportionate to the rest of the face. This step gives the fox its distinctive, alert appearance and completes the main features of the face.how to draw a realistic fox face step by step

  7. Depict the inside of the ear.

    Start by sketching a smaller, triangular shape within each ear, ensuring that the lines follow the same angle and direction as the outer edges. This parallel placement gives the ears a more realistic and structured look, enhancing the overall appearance of your fox.how to draw a cute fox face

  8. Color the drawing.

    Use a warm, orange-brown color for the main part of the face, leaving the inner ears and muzzle a lighter cream color. Add black for the nose and eyes. Coloring not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds a finished, polished look to your drawing.how to draw a fox cartoon face

Additional Content

For continuous artistic practice, a free PDF file is available for this fox face drawing lesson. It’s a brief, yet comprehensive version, allowing for practice even without an internet connection. This PDF is designed to be user-friendly, focusing on the essential steps, and can be printed or viewed on any device, making it perfect for practice on the go or as a handy guide during offline art sessions.

Alternative Drawing Technique

Understanding the importance of practice in art, I’ve developed another approach to sketching a fox face. This alternative technique breaks down the drawing process into even simpler segments, encouraging you to practice more and perfect your ability to capture the unique characteristics of a fox.

How to Draw a Fox Face with Closed Eyes

In this alternative method, I’ll demonstrate how to draw a fox’s face with its eyes gently closed. This approach adds a serene or content expression to the fox, capturing a moment of tranquility in the wild.

It’s a simple yet evocative variation that can bring a different character to your artwork, and it’s quite suitable for those who are just starting out or for a calming art session with young learners.

Tips for Drawing an Impeccable Fox Face

As we put the finishing touches on our fox faces, let’s reflect on how we can continue to grow and refine our drawing abilities. Here’s a list of tips to help you:

  • Study Real Foxes: Spend time observing the shapes and expressions of real foxes to enhance your drawings’ realism and charm.
  • Play with Expressions: Try altering your fox’s expression by adjusting the shape of the eyes and mouth to convey different emotions.
  • Experiment with Textures: Use different strokes to create the fluffy texture of the fox’s fur, giving your drawing a tactile quality.
  • Practice Proportions: Pay attention to the size relationship between the head, ears, and facial features for a well-balanced face.

Drawing is a skill that blossoms with time and patience. Keep these tips in your artist’s toolbox, and revisit them whenever you start a new piece. So take these tips, draw with joy, and watch as your fox faces, and all your future creations, come to life with character and style.


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