How to Draw a Gangster for Kids

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how to draw a gangster for kids

Have a nice day! Today I made a new drawing lesson in which I will show you how to draw gangster for kids.


Step 1

First, we draw an ordinary oval. The oval should be located at the top of the sheet.

Step 2

As you might guess the oval from the previous step is a head. So in this step, we will draw a pair of eyes.

Step 3

Now draw the nose. The nose of our character has a flat and wide shape.

Step 4

This step is really simple. You only should draw two lines under the nose to form the mouth.

Step 5

And we have another “few-lines step”. Draw the ear and don’t forget the toothpick.
As you know, the toothpick is an important attribute of any gangster. Maybe these guys are just worried about dental health?

gangster cartoon drawings

Step 6

Ok, now we draw the contours of the hat as in our example.

easy how to draw a gangster

Step 7

So we are about halfway through our drawing lesson. Now it’s time to begin to draw the upper part of the body. Here we draw the collars and tie of the suit.

how to draw a gangster easy

Step 8

Our gangster has very broad shoulders. In this step, we draw the left shoulder and the contours of the arm.

how to draw a gangster for kids

Step 9

Well, we get closer to the finish lines. Let’s draw the contours of the body. The torso should be in the form of a rectangle.

learn how to draw a gangster

Step 10

Following the example of the previous step, let’s draw a second arm in which then we draw a weapon.

how to draw a gangster with a pencil

Step 11

Using straight lines draw out a weapon of our gangster.

Step 12

Using long and straight lines draw out the legs of our gangster.

how to draw a gangster easy

Step 13

We almost finished drawing the gangster. Here we just need to draw pointed shoes.

how to draw a gangster for beginners

Step 14

Here we will just need to erase all unnecessary lines from the figure of our serious gangster.

gangster drawing

Step 15

It remains only to paint over the figure of the gangster. Recall just that the gangsters most often dressed in gray or black suits.

how to draw a gangster for kids

It was a drawing lesson about how to draw a gangster for kids. Do not forget to visit my other drawing lessons and share them with your friends.

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  1. Amoo Oluwatosin

    I actually love this lesson. It’s makes it easy for kids to know how to draw.

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