How to Draw a King for Kids

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how to draw a King for kids

how to draw a king

In this instruction about drawing a person, I will show you how to draw a king for kids.

Kings were the rulers of various countries in medieval Europe. In fact, these were monarchs with practically unlimited powers.

But today we have not a history lesson, but drawing instructions. Therefore, prepare your favorite art supplies, such as paper, pencil, and marker.

At the very end of the instruction on how to draw a king for kids, you can use a set of colored pencils or markers for coloring.

Step 1

To draw the king unmistakably, start by drawing a head and a small torso.

how to draw for kids

Step 2

Now depict the arms in the upper torso and in the legs in the lower part.

how to draw a King for kids easy

Step 3

Now depict the details of the king’s face using the constructive lines we depicted earlier.

how to draw a king for kids

Step 4

Now depict a crown with sharp teeth on the head and a lush beard.

how to draw a King easy

Step 5

Draw a staff in hand, costume details, and a long cape behind the back.

king art

Step 6

To give the king’s head a finished look, get rid of all auxiliary lines, and make the necessary lines darker.

learn to draw a kids

Step 7

Repeat the same sequence of actions for the king’s body, giving it a finished look.

King drawing

Step 8

I painted the crown and scepter gold, beard brown, suit blue, cape red, belt, and boots dark brown.

how to draw a King for kids

It was a super easy tutorial on how to draw a king for kids. Try visiting other instructions on to learn how to draw other interesting characters.

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