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How to Draw a Monster

Today, I will guide you on how to draw a monster. Using a cartoonish, simplistic style, I still manage to create cool art. If you want to achieve the same, check out my guide and illustrations.

How to Draw a Monster: Basic Information

How do you imagine drawing a monster? In fact, this can even be done in a cartoonish, minimalist style. Let’s look at this drawing and note the features that will help us draw the monster as successfully as possible.

This is the most simplified figure of a mystical creature, resembling a mix between a Cyclops and an Orc. The creature’s limbs either appear jointless due to the simplistic drawing style, or they are exaggeratedly large and powerful. Notice how the legs are set very wide apart, creating an effect of a stable, confident stance.

Another crucial detail is the unfriendly tilt of the head, forming a sullen look. This effect is primarily achieved by the absence of a neck—the monster’s head intersects directly with the contour of the body without rising above it.

As for our monster’s face, a curved mouth shaped like a sad smiley, positioned close to the nose, is the simplest way to depict an aggressively clenched mouth and a protruding lower jaw.

Monster Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Monster

  1. Draw the outline of the monster’s torso.

    Start with a large circle for the head, positioned at the top of your drawing area. Beneath the head, draw an oval or a rounded rectangle for the body. Ensure that the head is slightly overlapping the body shape to give the impression that they are connected. This step sets the groundwork for your monster.how to draw a monster step by step

  2. Depict the facial features of the monster.

    Next, add the facial features to your monster’s head. Draw a single large eye in the center of the head to give your monster a Cyclops-like appearance. Include a small nose just under the eye. These simple, exaggerated features are key to the cartoonish style, making the monster appear both humorous and intimidating.how to draw a monster easy

  3. Draw the mouth and ears of the monster.

    Now, draw the ears of your monster. On either side of the head, sketch large, pointed ears that stick out prominently. These ears add to the mythical and exaggerated appearance of the monster. Below the eye, sketch a curved line for the mouth, giving it a frowning expression to enhance the menacing look.how to draw a monster easy for kids

  4. Outline the monster’s hands.

    Move on to sketching the arms. Draw two large, rounded arms extending from the sides of the body. Since the style is cartoonishly simplified, the arms should be thick and lack detailed joints, making them appear more powerful and less anatomically accurate.how to draw a monster easy step by step

  5. Draw the monster’s legs.

    Next, draw the legs of the monster. Start by sketching two straight lines from the bottom of the body, extending downward to form the legs. The legs should be thick and slightly curved outward to emphasize the strong.how to draw a monster for kids easy

  6. Add the feet.

    Refine the shape of the feet to add more character to the monster. Draw large, flat feet with rounded toes, emphasizing the cartoonishly simplified style. These exaggerated feet contribute to the monster’s overall stability and presence.a monster drawing guide

  7. Outline the monster’s clothes.

    Add some clothing details to your monster. Sketch a simple, tattered garment across the monster’s body, starting from one shoulder and draping diagonally across the chest and torso. The edges of the garment should be jagged and uneven This adds a rustic, rugged look to your character.
    a monster drawing tutorial

  8. Erase unnecessary lines.

    Complete the outline of your monster by refining the lines and ensuring all elements are clearly defined. Go over the head, body, arms, legs, and clothing to make sure everything is connected smoothly and proportionately. This final outline solidifies the monster’s shape, making it ready for the final touches.easy way to draw a monster

  9. Color the drawing.

    The final step is to add color to your monster. Use a green shade for the skin to give it a classic monster look. Color the garment a contrasting brown to make it stand out against the green skin. This simple color scheme enhances the minimalist appeal of the drawing.how to draw a monster step by step easy

Additional Content

I’ve crafted a special gift for all my little artists out there—a free PDF file of this lesson! It’s a condensed version of my monster drawing tutorial, so you can download it and dive into drawing even when you’re offline. Keep your art adventure going anytime, anywhere!

Alternative Drawing Techniques

For all you young artists eager to master the art of drawing, I’ve developed a variety of alternative drawing techniques for creating your own monsters.

These are designed to challenge you a bit more, helping you to practice and enhance your artistic skills. So grab your pencils, and let’s see what monstrous creations you can imagine!

How to Draw an Easy Monster

This drawing method is a simplified and fun approach, perfect for beginners. Starting with a basic rounded shape for the body, the design gradually adds features like eyes, mouth, and limbs. Each step builds upon the last, incorporating new elements like teeth and horns to create a quirky monster character.

The final touches add personality, transforming the basic shape into a unique and colorful monster. It’s an easy method that encourages creativity and provides ample room for customization, ensuring that even the youngest artists can proudly craft their monster masterpiece.

how to draw a monster step by step

Monster Face Drawing

The alternative method for drawing a monster, specifically Frankenstein’s face, begins with a rectangular shape for the head, adding in simple lines to outline the eyes and mouth. Ears and hair details are then sketched, with the hairline depicted in a jagged fashion to suggest a rough texture.

This method focuses on creating a friendly, cartoonish monster face that’s accessible to kids and encourages them to experiment with different facial expressions and features.

how to draw a monster step by step

How to Draw a Cute Monster

This third alternative drawing method creates a cute monster by beginning with an oval for the head. Simple circles are used for the eyes, and the mouth is drawn with jagged teeth to add character. Horns are then added to the top of the head to give our monster a fantastical creature look.

Next, the arms and feet are sketched with rounded shapes for a soft and endearing appearance. Final touches include facial expressions and color to bring the friendly monster to life, perfect for engaging young artists in the fun world of creative drawing.

how to draw a monster step by step


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