How to Draw a Simple Cube

How to Draw a Simple Cube for Kids and Beginners

How to draw a simple cube
How to draw a simple cube step-by-step

You might think that drawing geometric shapes is pretty boring. However, it is really necessary for artists. Drawing cubes, cylinders and pyramids helps to quickly and efficiently create geometrically loyal contours of more complex objects.

In addition, drawing figures is a practice during which you will quickly feel your progress. To achieve the best result, I advise not to use a ruler or any other auxiliary tools.

Don’t take this lesson as something very simple. Drawing geometric shapes is a very important matter that requires maximum attention. Even if you don’t notice it, your progress will grow with each geometric shape drawn.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Simple Cube

  1. Draw the top.

    Depict a parallelogram at the top of your sheet of paper. It also looks like a slightly flattened rhombus. Use light smooth lines so you can adjust them if needed.simple cube drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the side part.

    Add another parallelogram that is adjacent to the shape from the previous step. In fact, these are two parallel lines that are crossed by another line diagonally.simple cube drawing tutorial for kids

  3. Add an angle.

    Draw just two lines to form the complete outline of the cube-like in my reference. Be sure to use the lines from the previous steps as a guide. Ideally, you should have the effect of tapering the front of the cube slightly downward.simple cube drawing guide for kids

  4. Color the cube.

    Use any colors you like. I chose light blue. If you want to complicate your drawing, add shadows and highlights.How-to-draw-a-simple-cube-for-kids-easy

Please, don’t forget to download the PDF version of this tutorial. In addition to the steps presented above, you will find some interesting and useful extra worksheets.

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