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How to Draw a Viking

Bring your imagination to life by learning how to draw a Viking in a cute chibi form. My tutorial makes drawing accessible and enjoyable for kids and beginners!

Calling all young adventurers! Learn how to draw a Viking with my kid-friendly tutorial. Each step is designed to guide you through drawing an adorable chibi warrior, making it easy and enjoyable for budding artists to develop their skills.

how to draw a viking for beginners
how to draw a viking step by step

How to Draw a Viking: Basic Information

Today’s voyage takes us back to the age of the Vikings, those mighty Norse heroes whose tales are stitched into the fabric of history. I’m here to guide you through a simple and delightful journey on how to draw a Viking, rendered in the charming and whimsical chibi style that’s sure to spark joy and creativity.

In the first phase of our drawing expedition, we’ll lay the groundwork for our Viking’s sturdy build. I’ll show you how to sketch the basic shapes that form the foundation of our character. It’s like setting sail on a longship; with each line, we navigate closer to our destination.

Our chibi Viking, though small in stature, will be brimming with personality and valor, equipped to embark on the wildest adventures our minds can conjure. Step by step, we’ll infuse life into our drawing, adding distinctive details that elevate our miniature warrior from mere sketch to a beacon of Norse legend.

From the creases of the warrior’s armor to the intricate designs on the helmet, each element plays a part in the story we’re drawing. With patience and creativity, we’ll see our sketch transform into a bold Viking, a testament to the indomitable spirit of these ancient seafarers. Grab your shields and let the saga unfold!

Viking Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Viking

  1. Draw the head and torso.

    Start your drawing with an oval for the head, ensuring it’s proportionate. Then, add a smaller shape beneath for the torso, creating the solid base of your warrior figure.how to draw a viking easy

  2. Sketch out the elements of the head.

    Craft the facial features by sketching two oval eyes with joyous sparkles and the broad, cheerful mouth to give character. Affix the ears on each side of the head for a complete expression.how to draw a viking art hub

  3. Depict the front of the helmet.

    Sketch a prominent, spiky line running vertically across the forehead to form the central feature of the helmet. Extend this line downwards to each side of the face to outline the helmet’s sides.how to draw a viking man

  4. Add the rest of the elements of the head.

    To bring your warrior to life, start by drawing the outline of his beard, ensuring it wraps around the face evenly. Then, on either side of the helmet, add two curved horns, striving for symmetrical placement.how to draw a viking cartoon

  5. Draw the Viking legs.

    To shape our Viking sturdy stance, draw two short but wide-set legs extending from the bottom of his torso. These will give your character a solid foundation, reflecting the robustness of the Norse explorer.how to draw a cute viking

  6. Depict the bottom of the clothes.

    Begin by shaping the belt around the Viking waist, then draw the square buckle for focus. Finish by drawing the clothing’s lower edge to define the Viking’s robust outfit.how to draw a cartoon viking

  7. Sketch out the arms.

    Draw the Viking arms by drawing two lines down from each shoulder, close to the body. Sketch the ends into wide cuffs to represent the sleeves of his traditional attire.how to draw a viking easy step by step

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Review your warrior’s figure for any inaccuracies, make corrections where necessary, and with precision, erase all superfluous lines to clean up your Viking drawing for a finished look.how to draw a viking for kids

  9. Color the drawing.

    For a lifelike appearance, apply flesh-toned hues for the skin and select natural colors for the hair. Dress the Viking in blue attire, complemented by brown boots and accessories to complete the look.how to draw a viking for beginners

Additional Content

I’ve packed all the cool steps of our Viking drawing lesson into a neat little PDF file just for you. It’s like a treasure map that you can download for absolutely zero gold coins. You can use it anytime, anywhere, even if the Internet trolls decide to take a day off. So grab this PDF and keep it handy for your next artistic adventure!

Extra Touches for Your Viking Masterpiece

Greetings, little sketchers and budding shieldmaidens and warriors! As we’ve drawn our charming chibi Viking, remember, the quest for improvement is as endless as the Viking sagas. Here’s a treasure map of tips to enhance your artistic raids!

  • Helm of awe: Experiment with different helmet designs. Try adding intricate Norse patterns or even a dragon motif!
  • Armor up: Vary the textures on the warrior’s armor. Show the battle scars, the shine of metal, or the roughness of leather.
  • Weapons ready: Give your character some tools of the trade – a sturdy shield, a battle-worn axe, or even a mystical hammer.
  • Stance of strength: Play around with poses. A dynamic action pose or a commanding stance can show off your warrior’s strength.
  • Details of the North: Add background elements like a longship on the horizon or a Nordic village to place your character in their world.

With every line you draw and every character you bring to life, you’re not just drawing – you’re storytelling, you’re creating legends!


Congratulations on completing the Viking drawing lesson! Your artistic journey doesn’t have to end here. My website is filled with a treasure trove of other drawing lessons waiting for you. From mystical creatures to historical figures, there’s always something new and exciting to learn and draw.

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