How to Draw an Easy House

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In this lesson, I will tell you and show you in detail how to draw an easy house. This lesson will be useful for beginners.

easy house drawing tutorial
how to draw an easy house step by step

If you are taking the first steps on the path of creativity, then you will definitely like this lesson and will be useful. Now you will learn how to draw an easy house step by step. In this lesson, you will once again train your ability to draw even straight lines.

The figure shows a house that has the simplest design. It shows a roof, windows, a door and a chimney. All elements are very light in execution and are simple geometric shapes.

In the process of completing the lesson, you can use any tools at hand that will help you draw perfectly straight lines, or you can draw all the lines yourself.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy House

  1. Draw the body of the house.

    Determine the size of your drawing and draw an even to draw a house easy

  2. Depict the roof.

    The roof has the shape of the trapezoid. how to draw a house for kids

  3. Sketch out the door.

    The door is rectangular. Immediately add the small round to draw a house art hub

  4. Add the pipe.

    On top of the roof, add a small to draw a house cartoon

  5. Draw the top of the pipe.

    Depict another rectangle on top of the to draw a house cute

  6. Depict the windows.

    Draw two identical to draw a cartoon house

  7. Sketch out the frames on the windows.

    Inside each window, depict two transverse to draw a house for beginners

  8. Color the easy house.

    Use different shades of brown. Color the windows light blue.easy house drawing tutorial

The next lesson is completed, and now you know how to draw a house step by step. I hope that you had a pleasant time, and you like the result of the work. I would be glad if you write your opinion about this lesson in the comments.

Especially for your convenience, I have prepared a short version of the lesson in PDF format in advance. Rather, download the file and draw at any convenient time, when there is a desire to be creative.

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