How to Draw an Ice Cream Cone

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The most favorite delicacy for all people in a hot summer is ice cream. In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw an ice cream cone.

How to draw an ice cream cone for kids
How to draw an ice cream cone step by step

Dear young artists, now I want to present you with another fascinating lesson. Here you will learn how to draw an ice cream cone quickly and easily. Ice cream is a favorite treat for adults and children. It is especially pleasant to eat ice cream on a hot day because this product is refreshing well. There are different types of ice cream, it can have a different shapes and contain different additives in its composition. This picture shows an ice cream cone. This ice cream consists of a dense crunchy waffle in the form of a cone and a cold mass in the form of a ball. It looks very appetizing and I hope you enjoy following this tutorial.

The ice cream cone drawing tutorial has three steps and you will quickly draw this object. It is very simple to draw such ice cream, and you will see for yourself now. Simple geometric shapes are used here – a triangle and a ball. Any aspiring artist can easily draw this delicious dessert. In the picture, the ice cream is pink. But you can get creative and paint the ice cream in any other color you like. Also, if you wish, you can draw colored powder or chocolate chips. To do this, you can make several points using bright colors or dark brown.

So let’s get down to doing this tutorial.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Draw an Ice Cream Cone

  1. Draw the top of the ice cream.

    The ice cream is in the shape of a semicircle, at the bottom, make some wavy lines.Ice Cream Cone drawing tutorial

  2. Add the waffle cone.

    Draw the triangular horn with two simple lines.How to draw an ice cream cone easy

  3. Color the ice cream.

    Color the cone in orange, ice cream in pink. Add shadows and highlights for realism.How to draw an ice cream cone for kids

Now you are convinced that drawing an ice cream cone is very simple. I hope that the lesson was interesting for you, and you got pleasant emotions while drawing. Share your opinion about the lesson in the comments and write what other desserts you would like to draw. I will take your wishes into account when putting together exciting new lessons.

Especially for you, I have prepared a PDF file that contains useful drawing tools. Download the file and complete the ice cream cone drawing tutorial at any convenient time.

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