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How to Draw Cat Eyes

Peering into the soulful depths of cat eyes can be as enchanting as the felines themselves. I’ve designed a lesson on how to draw cat eyes that simplifies this mesmerizing feature into clear, manageable steps. It’s my intention to guide you through the nuances of their mysterious gaze, making what may seem complex entirely attainable.

How to Draw Cat Eyes: Basic Information

Welcome to an artistic escapade where the mystique of feline vision is rendered through graphite and paper. I’ve created a simple process on how to draw cat eyes that captures the enchantment of their gaze. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on the alluring beauty of their eyes, highlighting the elegance that lashes add to the feline’s stare.

Observing the graceful curve of a cat’s eye, you’ll find there’s a rhythm to drawing it that I’ll help you master. This tutorial meticulously outlines each phase, from the initial line to the full, luscious lashes. It’s a method that ensures every learner can illustrate the almond-shaped allure with the distinct, mesmerizing detail that cat eyes possess.

By the time we complete our artistic journey, to draw cat eyes will mean to imbue your canvas with a depth of character and realism. With this lesson, I share the joy of watching your sketches come alive as you craft not just an image but a glimpse into the soulful essence of our feline friends.

Cat Eyes Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Cat Eyes

  1. Draw the auxiliary lines.

    Begin this drawing by marking the borders of the eyes. Draw two straight horizontal lines.how to draw cat eyes step by step

  2. Depict the upper outline of the eyes.

    Between the two previously drawn lines depict two symmetrical curved lines.how to draw cat eyes easy

  3. Add the bottom outline of the cat’s eyes.

    Connect the ends of each of the drawn curved lines, using two curved lines for each eye.how to draw cat eyes easy for kids

  4. Draw the inner outline of the eyes.

    To complete this step, draw two arcs that are connected to each other in each eye.how to draw cat eyes easy step by step

  5. Depict the pupils.

    Draw in both eyes a figure that looks like an oval with a pointed top and bottom.how to draw cat eyes for kids easy

  6. Outline the eyelashes.

    Above each eye add three thin curved lines of different lengths.cat eyes drawing guide

  7. Erase unnecessary lines.

    Use an eraser to remove auxiliary lines that appeared during the drawing process.cat eyes drawing tutorial

  8. Color the drawing.

    To color the cat’s eyes, you need to use green, black, and gray. Don’t forget to add highlights.easy way to draw cat eyes

Additional Content

In addition to the hands-on tutorial, I’ve compiled a succinct PDF file that serves as a portable companion to our cat eyes drawing lesson. This downloadable gem is packed with enriching material, available to you anytime, ensuring that your practice can continue even when you step away from the screen.

While the main lesson lays the foundation, this PDF is an atlas for the next leg of your artistic journey, filled with exercises aimed at perfecting the nuances of a cat’s gaze. It’s tailored to advance your skills, taking you beyond the basics, ready to explore the depths of expression held within those feline eyes.

This PDF isn’t just an add-on; it’s a bridge to further discovery, inviting you to solidify what you’ve learned and then push the boundaries. After grasping the primary techniques, this resource will challenge you, urging your pencil to unveil the subtle grace hidden in every cat’s watchful look.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

Beyond the fundamental strokes of our main tutorial, I’ve crafted additional techniques for drawing cat eyes, each designed to further challenge and refine your skills. These alternatives present varied perspectives on capturing the depth and luminosity of a cat’s gaze, offering you a rich playground for practice and improvement.

Exploring these techniques will allow you to approach the familiar subject of cat eyes with fresh eyes and a new hand. From the subtle differences in eye shape that express mood and character to the dynamic rendering of light within the pupil, each method brings its own set of rewards and learning opportunities.

As you familiarize yourself with these diverse methods, your artistic toolbox will expand, empowering you to portray not just the physicality of cat eyes but their very essence. This array of techniques is a testament to the beauty of diversity in art, and a bridge to elevating your own unique style.

How to Draw Cat Eyes with a Piercing Gaze

Drawing cat eyes with a piercing gaze begins with laying down a foundation of simple lines and shapes. First, horizontal guidelines are drawn to ensure the eyes will align. Then, the upper eyelids are added with a gentle curve, capturing the typical slanted elegance of a cat’s gaze.

The next steps involve crafting the shape of the eyes with precision, tapering the ends to mimic a cat’s unique, alert expression. Small details like the tear duct and the thickness of the eyelids contribute to the intensity of the look, turning simple sketches into eyes that are vivid and expressive.

Finally, the pupils are drawn as slender slits, centered within the outline of the eyes, to give that penetrating stare cats are known for. This method emphasizes the importance of the pupils and irises, which are critical in portraying not only the direction of the gaze but also the very essence of a cat’s penetrating look.

how to draw cat eyes easy step by step

Cute Cat Eyes Drawing Lesson

Drawing the captivating eyes of a cat, especially ones that exude cuteness, begins with understanding their fundamental shape and expression. This method starts with simple horizontal lines that set the width, followed by gentle arches that form the top of the eyelids, laying the groundwork for the soulful look we associate with our feline friends.

The next step adds ovals for the main eye shape, ensuring they’re even on both sides to maintain symmetry. Then, a smaller circle within each oval lays the basis for that characteristic glint of curiosity or contentment. These foundational shapes are crucial – they capture the essence of the cat’s vision, framing the delightful gaze we’re aiming to depict.

Finalizing these sketches means adding details that bring the drawing to life – pupil, iris, and the reflective spot that signifies the lustrous sheen of a healthy cat eye. With careful attention to these elements, the eyes you draw will not just be cute; they’ll reflect the deep and playful spirit of a cat, ready to leap off the page.

how to draw cat eyes step by step

How to Draw Realistic Cat Eyes

The pursuit of realism in art requires an observant eye and a patient hand, especially when it comes to drawing the complex beauty of cat eyes. This method begins with the foundational arches that form the top and bottom of the eye, ensuring they meet at points that mirror a cat’s unique gaze. The key here is capturing the precise shape before any detail is added.

As the outline takes form, the next step is to draw the iris and pupil, the central elements that breathe life into the eyes. The iris is shaped around the pupil with care to create depth, while the pupil itself is sharply defined. This meticulous attention to detail is what lends the eyes their realistic appearance, as if ready to blink at any moment.

Adding color and texture is the final flourish that turns a simple sketch into a soulful portrayal. The vibrant hues of the iris, with intricate patterns and reflections, give the eyes a glassy appearance. By the end of this process, the cat eyes you’ve drawn will possess a lifelike quality, as though a real cat is peering back at you from the paper.

how to draw realistic cat eyes step by step


We’ve now sketched our way through the artful intricacies of a cat’s eye, capturing its soulful depth. If this has sparked a desire to explore further, my site awaits with a palette of lessons ranging from the playful swirls of ice cream to the serene flow of a koi fish. There’s a canvas of possibilities at your fingertips, each lesson a doorway to new skills.

Should the call of creativity beckon you, follow me on social media for whispers of upcoming content and a community of fellow art enthusiasts. Your thoughts and suggestions for future lessons are the colors to my palette; please share them in the comments below. Together, let’s shape an artistic journey as endless as the stars.

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