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How to Draw Gengar

Embark on a drawing adventure with my engaging tutorial on how to draw Gengar! So, this easy, step-by-step guide is tailored for young artists eager to bring their favorite ghost Pokémon to life on paper.

Join me on a creative journey and master how to draw Gengar, the iconic ghost Pokémon, with my simple and engaging guide. This step-by-step tutorial is tailored for kids, ensuring a fun drawing experience while enhancing their artistic skills. Draw your favorite Pokémon with ease and confidence!

how to draw gengar from pokemon
how to draw gengar step by step

How to Draw Gengar: Basic Information

Get set to embark on a how to draw Gengar adventure, the mischievous shadow dweller of the Pokémon realm. Your tutorial awaits to show the way, ensuring every stroke and curve brings out this Pokémon infamous grin. Let the spirit of adventure guide your pencil, and as you draw Gengar, watch its ghostly presence take shape.

So, watch as simple circles become the foundation of your Gengar drawing, with arcs transforming into that iconic, sly smile. Each step in this guide is a move closer to capturing this Pokémon playful yet spooky essence. As you draw Gengar eyes, feel the excitement of its character coming alive on the page.

And there you have it! Your very own Gengar, ready to leap from the page. This isn’t just a set of lines and shapes; it’s the drawing of a character filled with mischievous charm. So every time you draw Gengar, you’ll be summoning the spirit of creativity and fun that makes the art of Pokémon come alive.

Gengar Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Gengar

  1. Depict the outline of the body.

    Begin your Gengar drawing by crafting a single, smooth, oval shape to draw both the head and body of this playful Pokémon character, ensuring a unified and coherent foundation for your artwork.how to draw gengar pokemon step by step

  2. Draw the Gengar eyes.

    Position two identical, menacing eyes above the center of the oval, mirroring the shape shown in this example, to give your Gengar drawing a mischievously spooky character.how to draw gengar pokemon easy

  3. Sketch the mouth.

    Draw the wide, mischievous smile across Gengar face using smooth, curved lines, and then create the illusion of depth with additional lines to represent his sharp, prominent teeth.how to draw gengar easy

  4. Depict the ears.

    At the top of the Pokémon head, carefully depict two ears with a pointed, triangular shape to give the appearance of his mischievous and cunning nature. Make sure they are symmetrical and sharp.how to draw gengar easy step by step

  5. Add the fur on the top of the head.

    Use a series of varied-length, jagged lines to sketch the spiky fur on the Pokémon head, adding texture and a playful edge to his appearance. So, ensure the spikes are centered and distinct.how to draw gengar step by step easy

  6. Draw the Gengar arms.

    In the middle of the body, depict the Pokémon arms starting with a broad base at the shoulders, tapering down to the ends, resembling the shape of spades for that mischievous look.how to draw pokemon gengar easy

  7. Sketch out the legs.

    At the bottom of Pokémon round body, craft two stubby legs with feet that flare outward, giving a firm, balanced stance, and infuse a playful charm into your Pokémon silhouette.how to draw gengar tutorial

  8. Remove extra lines.

    Gently use your eraser to clean up your Gengar drawing, removing all superfluous lines to reveal a neat and tidy depiction, ready for the next creative step.gengar drawing lesson

  9. Color your Gengar drawing.

    Now, fill in your Pokémon body with a light purple shade, ensuring even coverage for a smooth finish. Then, color the eyes in a soft pink to bring out its mischievous gaze.how to draw gengar from pokemon

Additional Content

I’ve whipped up a super handy PDF just for you! It’s like a magic art scroll – a short and sweet version of our drawing lesson. And the coolest part? You can download it for absolutely free! Once it’s saved, you can peek at it anytime, anywhere, even if the internet decides to go on a vacation.

Unleash Your Imagination

Thus, your Gengar looks spook-tacular! But don’t stop there, the world of drawing has so much more to explore. So, here are some cool ideas to take your Pokémon to the next level:

  • Surroundings: Sketch a mysterious cave or a spooky night background to give this character a home.
  • Friends and foes: Depict other Pokémon for Gengar to interact with, like Pikachu or Charmander.
  • Action scenes: Get creative and illustrate this character using its signature move, Shadow Ball.
  • Expressions: Try giving this Pokémon different expressions. How about a surprised or laughing Gengar?

Lastly, remember, every line you draw adds to your journey in becoming a master artist. Keep practicing, keep drawing! Dive into the fun on my website and draw the listed items. Simply search for the lesson you need, and if it’s not there, drop a comment. I’ll make sure to take your requests into account!


And there you have it, champs! Your very own Gengar, drawn by none other than you! So, hop over to my website for more fun drawing lessons – why not try your hand at anime or sketching Goku next?

Finally, don’t forget to click that subscribe button on my socials to join our creative crew. By following along, you’ll never miss out on the next splash of fun. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get those pencils moving on our next drawing adventure!

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