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How to Draw Still Life

Young artists can learn how to draw a still life with my simple, fun-filled guide, capturing the essence of a fruit bowl in easy steps.

Looking for a fun educational activity? My tutorial on how to draw a still life offers kids a wonderful opportunity to learn artistic skills while creating a vibrant composition of fruit.

how to draw still life easy
how to draw still life step by step

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How to Draw a Still Life: Basic Information

Grab your crayons, markers, or pencils, because today we’re going to learn how a still life. Picture this: a cozy bowl waiting just for you to fill it with plump grapes and shiny apples. We’re keeping it simple and sweet as we draw a still life, focusing on the basic shapes that come together to make a fruit bowl brimming with yumminess.

We’ll start with the bowl, nice and round, then step by step, we’ll add grapes, one by one, until it looks like a mini grape mountain! Don’t forget an apple or two, resting peacefully among the grapes. As we draw a still life, we’ll make sure each piece of fruit is happy to be part of our delicious design.

And here’s the cool part: we’ll lay out a neat tablecloth and set our bowl on top. It’s like we’re drawing a still life for a fancy banquet! This method is super simple, no tricky business with shadows or light – just pure, straightforward fun as we draw a still life.

So let’s start drawing a still life that could be straight out of a storybook, with no fuss or muss, just pure drawing joy. When we’re finished, you’ll have a still life that’s full of fruit and fun, perfect for showing off your new art skills. Let’s get started and create a fruit bowl masterpiece together!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Still Life Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Still Life

  1. Draw the bowl.

    Carefully use smooth, sweeping curves to draw the outline of a bowl, mirroring the shape shown in the example. Aim for gentle, symmetrical arcs on the sides to create the bowl’s rim and base.how to draw still life for beginners

  2. Sketch out the grapes.

    Next, methodically draw an abundance of the grapes, starting from the rim of the bowl, overlapping each circle as you go, to depict the fullness and dimension of the bountiful grape cluster.how to draw still life fruit

  3. Depict the apple.

    On the opposite side of the bowl, draw the apple with a smooth, curved line for its body and add the small stem at the top, ensuring the stem points upwards, giving your apple a natural look.learn how to draw still life

  4. Add another apple.

    In this step, draw the part of the apple that is visible behind the grapes. Focus on the curved outline that peeks out from the cluster, and add the small stem to indicate its presence in the background.how to draw still life with pencil

  5. Draw more grapes.

    On the left side of your still life composition, draw the small cluster of the grapes with several rounded shapes grouped together. Then, add the longer stem to connect the cluster to the larger still life scene.how to draw still life art

  6. Draw the fabric for your still life.

    Use uneven, flowing lines to capture the draped fabric beneath the bowl. Draw these lines to convey the soft, folded texture of the cloth, adding a sense of dimension and realism to your still life.steps to drawing still life

  7. Depict the table.

    Draw the table supporting your still life by using a series of straight lines. Outline the edges to create a rectangular shape that gives a solid and stable base for the fruit-laden cloth to rest upon.how to draw still life drawing easy

  8. Correct any inaccuracies.

    Take your eraser and gently remove all the extra lines that aren’t part of your final still life drawing. Neatly correct any mistakes to sharpen your image and refine its details.how to draw still life drawing

  9. Color your still life drawing.

    Select a rich brown to color the table, ensuring a sturdy wood-like appearance. Use various greens to fill in the grapes, adding vibrancy. Then, apply a soft pink to the apples for a ripe look.how to draw still life easy

Additional Content

I’ve got a special treat for you: a cool PDF version of our still life drawing lesson, all bundled up and ready to go. And it’s completely free! You can download it to your gadget and take it on all your adventures. No internet? No problem! Your new art buddy will be with you anytime, ready to help you create masterpieces wherever you are!

Tips and Tricks for Still Life Drawing:

Are you ready to supercharge your still life drawing with some insider know-how? Let’s roll up our sleeves and discover some clever tips and tricks that’ll make drawing a still life as easy as pie – and twice as fun!

  • Circle magic: Use a coin or a bottle cap to trace around for those perfectly round grapes.
  • Two-toned table: Give your table two shades of brown for an extra touch of fancy woodwork.
  • Fruit shadows: Lightly sketch a shadow under each fruit to make them pop off the page. My article on shadow and light will help you do that.
  • Erase with ease: Got a little messy? A kneaded eraser can lift off pencil without smudging your art!
  • Practice makes perfect: Don’t worry if it’s not perfect on the first try, every drawing makes you better!

And just like that, with a sprinkle of practice and a dash of creativity, you’ve got yourself some insider info to make your still life the envy of the art room. Remember, every artist was once a beginner, and with these tips, you’re on your way to becoming a true maestro of the pencil and crayon.


And just like that, our artistic adventure through the valleys and hills of still life comes to a colorful close! But don’t let the fun stop here. Hop over to my website where you can find a whole world of drawing lessons, like how to sketch a hoppy frog or a sparkly star!

Got something to say or a brilliant idea for our next drawing lesson? Leave a comment! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and maybe even turn your suggestions into our next art escapade.

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