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How to Draw a Star

Begin a sparkling experience with my detailed tutorial on how to draw a star. This guide is especially ideal for aspiring young artists eager to fill their skies with brightly shining stars. Simple and clear instructions make the process of drawing a star as straightforward as child’s play, effectively illuminating the pages with celestial beauty and charm.

how to draw a star
how to draw a star step by step easy

How to Draw a Star: Basic Information

Hello, little stars! Today, I’m going to show you how to shine bright on paper by learning how to draw a star. This lesson is crafted just for you, making it super easy to create a star with just a few strokes.

We’ll start with two simple lines, cross them just right, and you’ll see a star taking shape before your very eyes. My steps are clear, guiding you without any fuss, and soon you’ll draw stars that twinkle just like in the night sky.

Once you master the star with me, you’ll sprinkle stardust on all your drawings. Remember, every line you draw leads you to become a brighter artist. Let’s grab our pencils and let the magic happen as we draw a star together – your artwork is about to sparkle!

Star Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Star

  1. Draw the first two lines.

    These two lines should look like the letter A without a center horizontal line. This step is about getting the proportions right, so a faint sketch might be preferable, allowing for adjustments if necessary.
    star drawing

  2. Add two more lines.

    Next, draw two straight lines coming down from the ends of the ‘V’ shape to create a tent-like figure. Make sure these lines are symmetrical and meet at the same point at the bottom.
    star drawing lesson

  3. Add the last line of the star.

    In this step, add two more lines to complete the star’s frame. The intersection of the lines should be clean and precise, with each section of the star being even and proportional.
    how to draw a star for kids

  4. Erase the guidelines.

    So, evaluate the entire star drawing and remove the extra lines. Take your time to make the outline smooth and even, erasing any extra lines from the previous steps for a neat appearance.
    star drawing tutorial

  5. Color the star drawing.

    I decided to paint my star drawing yellow, but you can of course choose any other color. You can also add a few highlights or shadows to add complexity and life to your drawing.
    how to draw a star

Additional Content

For our young artists who want to keep creating even when they’re offline, I’ve prepared a special treat! I’ve crafted a free PDF version of this drawing lesson so you can download it and enjoy learning anytime, anywhere.

It’s the perfect way to practice drawing a star, with all the steps neatly packed into a handy guide. No internet? No problem! Just download, print, and keep on shining bright with your art!

Sharpen Your Star Drawing Skills

Alright, superstars! You’ve just zoomed through the cosmos of creativity and landed a shiny new drawing skill. But before we close our stargazing session, let’s beam up some cool tips and tricks to make your stars twinkle even brighter:

  • Keep your pencil sharp! A sharp point helps you make those neat, crisp edges for a star that truly stands out.
  • Rotate your paper as you draw each line. It’s like spinning in space – it makes for smoother angles and a stellar shape.
  • If drawing straight lines feels like a cosmic challenge, use a ruler or the edge of another piece of paper to guide your spaceship… I mean, pencil!
  • And remember, stars come in all shapes and sizes in the vast universe of art. So if your star looks a bit different, it’s just unique, and that’s awesome!

You’ve got the power to create a whole galaxy now, so keep practicing, and don’t forget to add some sparkle to your stars with your own creative touch. Keep it up, and you’ll be drawing constellations in no time!


And there we have it, you’ve mastered the art of drawing a star, but this is just the beginning of your creative voyage. There’s a whole universe of drawing lessons waiting for you on my website. Why not try your hand at sketching a friendly cow next, or speed into an adventure with a lesson on drawing Sonic?

For more artistic explorations and to stay updated with all the latest lessons, make sure to follow me on social media. Be the first to know about new content, and get ready to be inspired. Your art path is boundless, and I can’t wait to see what you create next. Keep those pencils moving and your imagination soaring!

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