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How to Draw Eevee

Welcome to the seamless process of how to draw Eevee, a character cherished by many. In this lesson, I’ll guide you through a method that simplifies complexity, making it accessible to all. We’ll start with basic shapes, layering them to capture Eevee’s iconic form, from the spherical head to the plump body.

How to draw eevee step by step

How to Draw Eevee: Basic Information

In my latest lesson on how to draw Eevee, the enchanting Pokémon, I offer a straightforward pathway to artistic success. With gentle guidance, you’ll learn how to weave simple lines and shapes into the familiar form of this beloved creature. This process, refined through my teaching experience, is designed to be both enjoyable and educational.

My technique illuminates Eevee’s defining traits – the large, soulful eyes and lush, bushy mane—that fans have come to adore. By breaking down each feature into basic shapes, I make this Pokémon accessible to artists of all levels. My hope is that as you follow along, you’ll not only master the lines but also the spirit of Eevee.

By the time you complete this tutorial, the ability to draw Eevee the Pokémon known for its many evolutions—will be a testament to your evolved skills as an artist. This lesson is more than just a drawing exercise; it’s a journey through the charming world of Pokémon, ending with a piece of art that’s uniquely yours.

Eevee Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Eevee

  1. Draw the head.

    In the center of your sheet of paper, draw a rounded shape like in my reference.how to draw eevee

  2. Draw the ears.

    Our Pokemon has large, pointed ears. Draw this.eevee drawing tutorial

  3. Draw a fur collar.

    Depict a large, lush patch of fur that sits below our character’s head.eevee drawing for kids

  4. Draw the limbs.

    The rounded limbs are very typical of the cartoon style. Draw small short legs in this step.eevee drawing guide for kids

  5. Draw a large fluffy tail.

    Eevee has a very large tail. Pay attention to the proportions – this tail looks larger than the torso.eevee easy drawing guide for kids

  6. Add the outlines of the eyes.

    Draw a pair of eyes that, when closed, look like small arcs.easy way to draw eevee

  7. Draw the mouth.

    Add a large open mouth. It should look like a laugh or a big smile.how to draw eevee pokemon easy

  8. Add small details.

    Small lines will help you depict the fur. Avoid too much detail and try to use as few lines as possible.eevee drawing

  9. Color Eevee.

    Use traditional colors to create a recognizable Eevee Pokémon look.How-to-draw-eevee-for-kids-step-by-step

Additional Content

To complement our journey on how to draw Eevee, I’ve created a free PDF file. This concise companion to the lesson is easily downloadable, allowing you to enhance your drawing skills offline. It’s crafted to be your artistic ally, accessible wherever your creativity takes you, with or without an internet connection.

The PDF does not contain step-by-step instructions or tips directly related to the Eevee drawing process. Instead, it’s filled with exercises and additional content to further develop your artistic skills. Whether you’re looking to refine your technique or explore new drawing dimensions, this resource is tailored to support your artistic journey.

This downloadable guide is an invitation to continue your exploration of drawing, offering tools and exercises to challenge and grow your abilities. As you progress beyond drawing Eevee, this PDF will serve as a valuable companion, ensuring your continued growth and enjoyment in the art of drawing.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

Beyond the main tutorial, I’ve developed several alternative techniques for drawing Eevee, each designed to offer a unique perspective on this beloved Pokémon. These variations are intended to challenge you, helping to broaden your artistic range and deepen your understanding of drawing fundamentals.

Each technique focuses on a different aspect of drawing, from mastering the texture of Eevee’s fur to perfecting the subtle nuances of its facial features. This diversity in approaches is meant to not only keep your practice sessions engaging but also to deepen your appreciation for the intricacies of art.

By practicing with these varied approaches, you’re not just learning to draw Eevee in multiple ways; you’re enhancing your overall drawing skills. These techniques aim to provide a comprehensive skill set that can be applied to any subject matter, pushing your artistic boundaries and fostering growth.

How to Draw Eevee: Playing with Light and Shadow

This drawing method begins by embracing the interplay of light and shadow, adding depth to the beloved Pokémon Eevee. With a focus on gradual layering, we start with basic shapes, progressing to nuanced shading that breathes life into Eevee’s form. It’s a dance of contrasts that shapes the roundness of the cheeks and the fluffiness of the fur.

Progressing through the stages, the intricacies of Eevee’s features emerge. The method asks for a delicate touch to capture the softness of its ears and the subtlety of its gaze. Here, patience is your ally, as meticulous shading underlines Eevee’s dimensional reality within the two-dimensional space.

In the final stages, the complexity of this method truly shines. We refine Eevee’s texture and form through the thoughtful application of light and shadow, bringing a sense of realism to our drawing. It’s a step beyond the basics, challenging you to develop a keen eye for the subtleties that make Eevee leap off the page.

how to draw eevee step by step

The Intricacies of Crafting an Eevee Masterpiece

In the waning light of our lesson on how to draw Eevee, let us take a moment to reflect on the technical nuances that have given shape to our artwork. Here, I present a catalog of the finer points that we’ve woven into our work.

  • Controlled Pencil Pressure: Mastering the variance in pencil pressure allowed us to create a dynamic range of tones, from the soft fur to the striking eyes of Eevee.
  • Gradation Techniques: The smooth transitions between light and shadow were achieved through careful gradation, essential for the roundness of Eevee’s cheeks and limbs.
  • Detailing with Fine Lines: We used fine lines to suggest texture without overwhelming the composition, balancing detail and simplicity to maintain Eevee’s charming character.
  • Consistency in Shading: Consistent shading across Eevee’s body helped unify the light source, grounding the Pokémon in its environment and adding to its believability.
  • Harmony of Highlights: Strategic placement of highlights brought Eevee’s eyes and fur to life, creating a focal point and enhancing the overall vitality of the drawing.

As our pencils come to rest, and we step back to appreciate the fruits of our labor, it’s these technical nuances that stand out as the unsung heroes of artistry. It’s my hope that these insights not only served to guide you through this lesson but will also illuminate your path in all future artistic endeavors.


Now that we’ve lovingly sketched every detail of Eevee, why stop there? My website awaits with a kaleidoscope of lessons, ready to guide your hand from the bustling streets captured in a city bus to the whimsical strokes of a cartoon dog. Each tutorial is a new door to an artistic journey, designed to challenge and delight you.

And the journey need not be solitary; join our vibrant community on social media to stay abreast of the latest tutorials and share in our collective creative spirit. Your comments and suggestions under each lesson are the seeds from which new ideas grow, helping to shape the tutorials to come.

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