How to Draw Naruto Step by Step

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If you want to learn how to draw Naruto step by step, then start this tutorial. This guide is very simple and helpful.

how to draw naruto easy for beginners
how to draw naruto step by step

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw Naruto step by step. As a result, you will train your ability to draw a human figure and have a good time.

With the help of simple instructions, I will show you how to draw Naruto step by step. You can easily do this because the lesson is designed for beginners and simple lines are used here.

Naruto is the main character of the manga and anime series. This is a very active and purposeful teenager ninja who has supernatural powers. The teenager was possessed by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, which has a significant impact on all of Naruto’s actions.

The teenager is dressed in a special costume, there is a bandage on his head, on which a mystical symbol is depicted. Naruto has blonde hair and blue eyes. You can easily draw all the elements of this character if you are careful at every stage of drawing.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw Naruto Step by Step

  1. Draw an oval for the face.

    This is a very simple step in which you have to draw a semi-circular to draw naruto characters

  2. Add the hair and outline of the bandage on the head.

    Sketch out lush hair. Draw two smooth lines over your forehead to depict the to draw naruto easy

  3. Depict the torso.

    The body is much smaller than the to draw naruto uzumaki

  4. Draw the arms.

    With smooth lines draw short arms, in the same position as in the to draw naruto anime

  5. Sketch out the legs.

    Below the torso draw short legs that are widely to draw naruto body

  6. Add shoes.

    Depict out high to draw naruto for beginners

  7. Detail the clothes and headband.

    Draw short lines to add elements of the costume and draw the magic symbol on the to draw naruto chibi

  8. Add facial features.

    Sketch out eyes, eyebrows, nose and to draw naruto full body

  9. Color Naruto.

    Choose black and orange for clothes, yellow for hair, beige for skin, and blue for to draw naruto easy for beginners

You can download a simplified version of the manual in PDF format. This will help you to return to the lesson and repeat it at any convenient time.

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