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How to Draw Xerneas

Today in this drawing lesson you will learn how to draw Xerneas. This lesson consists of nine simple steps.

how to draw xerneas for kindergarten
how to draw xerneas step by step

I am glad to offer you this fascinating drawing lesson, in which I will be able to tell and show you how to draw Xerneas step by step. I am sure that you will like this lesson and will be very useful.

Xerneas is a Generation 6 Legendary Fairy-type Pokémon. He is the title legend of the Pokémon X game. Xerneas looks like a deer with blue and black fur. There are multicolored patches along his back that glow when he is in combat.

It has long, shiny yellow horns that shine with all the colors of the spectrum; its horns resemble the roots of a tree. Its yellow hooves are pointed, and it has a long blue and black tail.

When Xerneas is not active, his multicolored horns stop glowing and turn blue. In the gleam of his eyes, the shape of an “X”, hence the name of the game, and when he stands, his body appears to be in the shape of an “X”.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Xerneas

  1. Draw the outline of the character’s head.

    To complete this step, draw some wavy and curved lines as shown.how to draw xerneas easy

  2. Depict the outline of the neck and chest of Xerneas.

    Below the previously drawn outline of the head, draw two arcs, as well as a few curved lines.how to draw xerneas cute

  3. Add one of the front paws of the character.

    Now you should depict one paw of the character using wavy lines.how to draw xerneas drawing

  4. Sketch out the second front paw of the character.

    On the right side of the previously drawn elements, draw a curved line, as shown in the figure.how to draw xerneas full body

  5. Draw the outline of the torso and hind legs of Xerneas.

    Depict an arc as well as some curved lines to draw the next elements.xerneas drawing tutorial

  6. Add the character’s tail and another hind leg.

    Draw the hind leg and add the character’s tail using wavy and zigzag lines.xerneas drawing lesson

  7. Sketch out the horns.

    Above the outline of the head, add the horns using curved and wavy lines of various sizes.xerneas drawing guide

  8. Add details.

    Inside the outlines of the paws and head, add some curved lines as shown.how to draw xerneas for kids

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the character, use pink, purple, green, blue, and shades of gray.how to draw xerneas for kindergarten

I will be glad to read your feedback and ideas for new drawing lessons. Don’t forget to download the PDF file, which contains a short version of this lesson, as well as additional practice materials to help you complete it.

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