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Halloween Coloring Pages

On this page I decided to collect for you absolutely free Halloween coloring pages that are suitable for both kids and adults.

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of many people all over the world, and so I decided to draw a whole collection of free Halloween coloring pages for you.

Halloween Coloring Pages

So what halloween coloring pages will you find on this page?

Here I have collected both simple and less detailed coloring pages, as well as more complex ones drawn in greater detail.

And of course, all the halloween colorings on this page are absolutely free, and you can download, print and start coloring them at any time.

Halloween Coloring Pages

Additional coloring descriptions

This group of Halloween coloring pages includes pumpkins, or Jack-O-Lantern. All PDFs in this group can be colored using approximately the same color combinations.

Halloween Pumpkin

This is a coloring page of a classic Halloween pumpkin, which is drawn in a very realistic way. To color this pumpkin you will need to use the most standard pumpkin color combination, which is orange and green.

The holes for the eyes, nose and mouth should be painted yellow. This will give the pumpkin a more naturalistic look.

By the way, you can draw such a pumpkin yourself. To do this, go to my tutorial on how to draw a pumpkin for Halloween.


This is another Halloween pumpkin coloring page that is made in a different form. In this coloring page, the Jack-O’-Lantern is looking straight at us.

But the painting process will be the same. As in the previous coloring page, here you need to use orange for the pumpkin itself, green for the stem and yellow for the holes.

In the article on how to draw a Jack-O-Lantern you will find complete instructions on drawing this holiday item.

Zombie Printables

In this group of Halloween printables I posted several zombie themed coloring pages. Some coloring pages are made in the form of more realistic monsters, while others are in the form of cartoonish and simpler ones.

Realistic Zombie

This Halloween zombie coloring page is made as realistic as possible. This zombie is dressed in an old, torn suit, and, as all zombies should, very slowly but confidently moves through the streets in search of brains.

To color this realistic zombie, use gray-green for the skin, gray for the suit, and brown for the boots and shirt.

In the article on drawing a zombie you will find a simple, but still very useful lesson for children.


This zombie coloring page for Halloween is slightly different from the previous one, and here you can see a slightly different Halloween monster.

The process of coloring zombies here is approximately the same as in the previous coloring book. Gray-green for skin and shades of gray and brown for clothing.

Walking Zombie

This zombie is also slightly different from the previous two. This zombie has hair on the sides of its head and is wearing a shirt and loose pants.

Using the already familiar gray-green colors and shades of brown, color this zombie, giving this drawing more liveliness, so to speak.

Zombie Face

Here you can see the face of a zombie, made in a realistic form. In the picture you can see a bald zombie with saggy skin and a slightly open mouth.

You can paint the zombie’s face the same gray-green colors and the teeth light yellow. The eyes can be painted in any color that seems most suitable for you.

Mummy Printables

So, it’s time to move from zombies to mummies. These ancient Egyptian monsters wrapped in bandages are frequent guests of various films, books and games. Below I present to you some very cool mummy coloring pages, drawn in realistic and cartoonish ways.


Here I have drawn a classic mummy that has all the hallmarks of a monster that you may have seen in many works of art.

To properly color a mummy, you need to use gray-green tones for the skin, light yellow for bandages and teeth.

And of course, on the pages of my website you will find a very simple lesson on drawing a mummy.

Walking Mummy

This mummy is drawn in a similar manner, but stands in a slightly different pose. In this picture, the mummy is not just standing, but moving slightly forward.

The coloring method is approximately the same as in the previous picture. By the way, don’t forget that you can add some shadows and highlights to make the mummy more voluminous.

Realistic Mummy

This painting of a mummy stands in a more static pose with her mouth slightly open.

Try a slightly different approach with this Halloween coloring page. Use slightly different colors and tones. Try adding more shadows and highlights.

Mummy Face

In this coloring page I present to you the face of a mummy. Here we see again all the signs of a classic mummy, but in an enlarged format. Lots of bandages, an angry expression on his face and wrinkled skin.

To give the mummy a more convincing look, you can paint it so that the light is coming from below rather than from above.

Vampire Coloring Pages

So, it’s time to move on to the vampires. These creepy creatures are clearly the elite of the monster world. Vampires always look majestic and mysterious, which is what I tried to convey in my coloring pages.


Nosferatu is one of the creepiest vampires you can see on screen. This vampire differs from its more modern counterparts in its bald head, unusual teeth for a vampire, and characteristic clothing.

To color Nosferatu, use shades of gray, since the vampire is dressed all in black and his skin color is almost white.


In this coloring book you see a more classic vampire, which can be found in movies of the mid-20th century. He has slicked back hair and a very creepy but majestic appearance.

To color this vampire, use very light tones for the skin and black and red for the clothing.

To learn how to create such drawings yourself, go to my article on drawing a vampire.

Realistic Vampire

This realistic vampire, as you can see, is very similar to the previous drawing. The main difference here is the pose.

You can try coloring this vampire a little differently. Try using white and green for the skin and red for the eyes.

Count Dracula

Count Dracula is exactly the same vampire that we remember when we think about these creatures. Here I depicted this character, inspired by the black and white paintings of the mid-20th century.

Vampire Head

Here you can already see the vampire’s face up close. A more modern vampire is depicted here. We can clearly see his evil eyes and sharp fangs.

To color the vampire’s head, use light, slightly greenish colors for the skin, black for the hair, and red for the pupils.

Frankenstein’s Monster Printables

So, it’s time to move on to such a famous monster as Frankenstein’s Monster. This is a creature that has a very characteristic bulky appearance and a cold-blooded expression.

And of course you can learn how to draw Frankenstein’s monster if you go to my super simple drawing lesson.

Realistic Frankenstein’s Monster

This drawing of Frankenstein’s monster is realistic. He is dressed in his classic attire, and his creepy expression is still on him.

To color Frankenstein’s monster correctly, use roughly the same colors as the vampire. Yes, monsters have little variety in their color palette.

Standing Frankenstein’s Monster

In the previous coloring page you could see the pose of Frankenstein’s monster that I took from the classic film. Here Frankenstein’s monster stands in a more static and standard pose.

To add variety to the drawing, try using more halftones, which will give the character more life.

Frankenstein’s Monster Head

And according to established tradition, the last in this group of Halloween coloring pages will be the head of a monster. And here, of course, I present to you the head of Frankenstein’s monster.

I tried to convey in the smallest detail his skin, rough facial features, cold eyes and characteristic hairstyle.

Ghost Printables

Now it’s time to move on to the Halloween ghost coloring pages. Here everything will be much simpler, because unlike previous monsters, the ghost looks more like a large sheet with eyes.

If you want to not only paint ghosts, but also draw them, then welcome to my ghost drawing lesson.

Cartoon Ghost

Let’s start with a very cute but sad cartoon ghost. To color it, I recommend using a very light blue color. This will give the ghost a weightless and airy feel.

Realistic Ghost

This ghost is more realistic. Here you can see more of the folds and outline of the arms underneath the veil. This gives you the opportunity to use shadows and highlights to give this ghost drawing more realism.

Easy Ghost

This ghost coloring page for Halloween is a little simpler than the previous one. Here you can see less creaks and details. But nevertheless, the coloring process differs little from the two previous examples. You can use light blue or light grey.

Flying Ghost

Well, let’s color the last ghost on this page of Halloween printables. This time you can see a flying ghost, whose veil develops from the movements of the wind. How this happens if the ghost is incorporeal, I don’t know, but let’s leave this question open.

Witch Coloring Page

Now it’s time to move on to another creature from the company of Halloween monsters, and this time it will be a witch.

By the way, in this company of Halloween printables this is so far the first living character who, among other things, is essentially a person with superpowers.

To learn how to draw witches the same way I do, go to my lesson on drawing a witch.

Realistic Witch

This witch, like some of the monsters you could see above, is made in a realistic form. This means that if you try hard and use all your skill in coloring, you will definitely get a very realistic drawing of a witch.

Flying Witch

Now we will color the flying witch. This witch is drawn in a more cartoonish manner, but the coloring method remains the same. Use the colors you used to paint the vampire and Frankenstein’s monster, i.e. very light shades for the skin and shades of black and gray for the clothes.

Witch’s Broom

Now it’s time to color not the witch herself, but her most popular accessory, that is, her broom. To color your broom correctly, use shades of brown and yellow.

Werewolf Coloring Pages

And let’s move on to the wildest of all the monsters on this page, that is, the werewolf. Here I have also collected for you several coloring pages of this monster, which are suitable for both children and adults.

I think you already understand what I will say in this part. Of course, I will suggest you go to the werewolf drawing lesson to learn how to create drawings of such cool monsters yourself.

Realistic Werewolf

This werewolf is drawn in a realistic manner. I tried to capture all the small details and hair to create the necessary impression of this wild monster.

Simple Werewolf

This werewolf is drawn in a slightly simpler manner. If you also want to color it in a simpler manner, then try to use pure colors, without shadows or highlights.

Angry Werewolf

This werewolf seems much angrier than the previous ones, because you have not yet downloaded and colored it. Use combinations of brown and gray for the skin, red for the eyes and any color for the pants.

Conclusion on Halloween Coloring Pages

So, this was my collection of Halloween coloring pages, or to be more precise, a collection of monster coloring pages for this wonderful holiday.

As you’ll notice, the monsters and their variations don’t differ much in terms of coloring, because when you’re trying to create a truly Halloween experience, colors that are too bright and cheerful can be unnecessary. We will leave these colors for other holidays.

Don’t forget to follow me on social networks and share the results of your work.

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