How to Draw a Bigfoot

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Have you recently learned about Bigfoot and wanted to draw him? This lesson will help you learn how to draw a Bigfoot. Let’s get started!

How to draw a Bigfoot
How to draw a Bigfoot step by step

Today I want to talk about how to draw an unusual character – Bigfoot. I want to say that he is not like any other fabulous creature. Yes, it is a bit fabulous, because there was no definite information that the creature really was. Here’s what we know about him: he is a creature of above-average growth, looks like a gorilla.

It lives in the impenetrable forests of North America and tries to catch the eye of humans as little as possible. Perhaps such caution is commendable.

Let’s draw this mysterious character today, let him live on the pages of our sketchbooks and albums for creativity. And if you don’t have time to draw right now, then you can download the lesson in a convenient PDF format.

Let’s start drawing! Follow our steps and you will definitely have a cute Bigfoot.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a Bigfoot

  1. Draw the head.

    Top and bottom of the head in smooth lines.How to draw a simple Bigfoot

  2. Ears and muzzle.

    Add the face, ears – just repeat, as in our illustration.How to draw a cartoon Bigfoot

  3. Eyes, mouth, nose.

    It’s time to add expressiveness to the character – let’s draw a happy Bigfoot.How to draw a Bigfoot for kids

  4. Shaggy torso.

    Add the thickly hairy body. Let’s not forget about the details.Bigfoot drawing toturial

  5. Hands, they are paws.

    We finish drawing furry paws, they should look strong, powerful.How to draw a wild Bigfoot

  6. Iron grip.

    We draw strong fingers. Don’t forget about the details.How to draw a fairy Bigfoot

  7. Draw the legs.

    They must also be powerful and strong. Of course, don’t forget to draw some more fur.How to draw a Bigfoot quickly

  8. Powerful feet.

    Add powerful feet, they must be strong, because Bigfoot lives in the mountains, in the forest.How to draw a mythical Bigfoot

  9. Add colors.

    Here you will need all the variety of gray and brown colors, as well as black.How to draw a Bigfoot

So our Bigfoot is ready, just look how cute it is! If you want to draw it later, the download link for the Bigfoot drawing tutorial in PDF format is at the bottom.

Of course, no one has yet managed to see Bigfoot as close as possible. But who knows, maybe you will be lucky? Just try not to be afraid of him. Good luck with your drawing and new discoveries!

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